Post wedding party ideas

Post-wedding party

Post Wedding Party

Alright Alright, Wedding is over now... After all the chaos, planning for months, meeting people, families, travel and many more.. Finally the starting of new beginning is right here, A Post wedding party is the best way to show your gratitude to your relatives who slogged day and night to give out your invites, all the friends who accompanied and waited with patiently during all your shopping episodes; one more opportunity for your cousins and nieces to dance, while your grand parents can meet their friends relaxed which they wouldnt have had any time during your wedding... and finally its for you two to relax and chill and stand as man and woman for the first time after the wedding (with no need to pose for photographs!!!) with your very close families and friends and most importantly this is for those who had ensured that this wedding is a grand success.

A Post wedding party can be designed in many ways, again it can continue with the flow of the wedding and reception or you can try something very wacky !! To know your taste and style, get in touch with us, while you sip on your drink we would have executed to perfection.