An Exotic, Colourful Destination Indian Wedding

A wedding may be a coming together of two individuals, but in our life, it occupies a most important place. It is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Hence, it makes sense to make it a memorable and sweet memory.

A destination wedding is an ideal choice to make it a wonderful experience for the bride, the groom, their families and friends. With MC, the leading wedding planners in Chennai, your destination wedding is going to be a breeze.

We have been there at many top weddings in Chennai. We have created new landmarks at weddings in Chennai. We know the secret to make every wedding a success. And, we are your best bet as your destination indian wedding planner. The secret is that we dig deep into every aspect of your wedding. We say this since we have been planning an executing destination weddings since 2012. We take this seriously and we love doing it, all the time. Every project that we undertake is a challenge, as we try to do something better, a change, a new feature, everytime.

Whether it is wedding planning in Chennai or a destination wedding planning in India or abroad, designing the event is an important part, but again it cannot be done by an amateur. One needs different skills and in-depth knowledge if it is to be done well.

MC offers support as your destination wedding planners in Chennai, right from ideation to managing the event in its entirety. We provide you support in planning, managing and in the operations as well. Whether you want to design an unique invitation for your wedding, a theme or concept for your wedding or whatever be in your wedding planning checklist. We do not take anything for granted, be it lighting, entertainment, music, the props, all are looked at with eagle's eye focus and executed to perfection.

There are quite a few places that qualify to be top destination wedding locations, for your wedding around Chennai. We can completely arrange the journey for you and your entire retinue from here to your destination, a fabulous wedding and back home with sweet memories. That is our speciality. Right from arranging travel, booking your venue, for sangeet and mehendi, the bachelor party, the wedding and the reception, stay for you and the guests, the entertainment, decoration and all things that matter, we have enough experience in all that.

It is now that destination wedding planners in Chennai are becoming popular. There used to be a time when destination indian weddings were not in vogue. The heads of the families decide to do a wedding and work together to get the wedding going. The experience of the elderly were taken into acccount and their advice was sought to make it a success. Today, with the advent of nuclear families, the experience of the elderly is mostly not available, since the elders of the new generation do not have the gyan of the older generation, or that they are not available with the family to provide advice. Here is where the professional Indian wedding planners like MC come in and provide end to end support throughout the wedding.

All Inclusive Destination Wedding Packages

So, what does it take to do a destination wedding? See, a wedding marks the beginning of a new life with a new partner. It has to be a lifetime full of happiness with a lesser percentage of sorrow. As far as an Indian wedding is concerned, there has to be a lot of things that need to be taken care of; right from the priest to the small and trivial things such as items for the puja, the horse, the carriage, the palanquin and the sorts. Thus all the customs, rituals or even the trivial things related to weddings hold immense importance.

We offer extensive support in the coordination of your wedding, like interacting with the vendors, putting forward our ideas and recommendations, based on our experiences, to provide new perspectives to age old practices and even bringing in new radical innovations as your destination wedding planners.

Your destination wedding venue also is an important aspect to your wedding. The venue has to be a place that evokes sounds of aah and ooh from your guests and everyone who is in. An exotic choice from top destination indian wedding locations that is mesmerising, a setup with delicious mouth watering food, with decorations that are out of the world, giving a feel of being at home in the minds of all those who are in, as part of our all inclusive destination wedding packages.

As you know, we know that the real challenge lies not in ideation but putting all our ideas into creating magic at the wedding site, as destination wedding planners and see to it that it makes a mark in the minds of our clients, using judicious use of the destination wedding planning checklist.

Here are a few destination wedding options that we have shortlisted for you to choose from.

From Kerala to Goa, Sri Lanka to Thailand, you are spoilt with choices. Come and discover your favourite location with your favourite destination wedding planners for your dream destination wedding with Marriage Colours.

Let's plan something awesome, together!

Adyar, Chennai

TN, India