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Wedding Planning in Chennai

Wedding planning is an art! Also, planning a wedding is like finding the right tune amidst the cacaphony. Because, there are a lot of things to be done and they have to be done in short time, on time, every time.

Marriages are decided in the heavens, they say. And, wedding planners are the designers who effectively and efficiently conduct a planned wedding. Marriage Colours assures you of a seamless, hassle free experience as your official wedding planner, as you plan your family's wedding in Chennai. We have planned and executed hundreds of weddings in Chennai, successfully. The feedback from our wonderful clients act as adrenaline for us, as we try to enhance your wedding experience with creative ideas to take the wedding to level next, the main focus being the least bother for the client. While you focus on getting together with your guests and keeping them happy, we protect you from the unpredictability and the nitty gritties of the wedding works. Doing the perfect groundwork and planning for exigencies are the key. With the experience of planning hundreds of weddings in Chennai and other cities, we have what it takes to conduct a successful wedding, from inception, wedding planning to execution, seamlessly.

Given below are the major aspects of the wedding for you to discuss and arrive at a decision. Whether you require wedding planners in Chennai or elsewhere, we are here for you!

Beach & Destination Weddings by Marriage Colours

Exotic Destination Weddings

Adventure and Exotica

There is adventure in the beaches and exotica in the destinations, far and near. Kerala, Thailand, Goa, Sri Lanka are some of the near by destinations for your Wedding.

We would only be too glad to tell you how to plan your wedding, be it at a resort by the beach side or a mountain getaway far from the madding crowd. Which one would you prefer?

by J Pradeep Chandar. February 21, 2024

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Conducting is a wedding is a mammoth job. Ask those who have done it. We at MC, endeavor to share our thoughts and experiences to make your wedding better and memorable. We welcome you to join in the discussion.


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