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    Marriage Colours are your best bet at wedding planning in Chennai providing wedding services. We are a dedicated team of professional wedding planners and designers who are dedicated to creating a beautiful, personal, one-of-a-kind experience for you; the bride, groom and your family. Through our wedding planning & marriage services in Chennai, we help you create the most romantic and memorable day of your life. We bring our years of experience in providing wedding services to create weddings that are executed seamlessly and with a stunning effect on the audience.

    Planning an Indian style wedding is not an easy task. With many rituals & processes involved, exceptional care is required to make the ceremony a success. The wedding ceremonies of most of the Indian communities lasts from a single session to up to 3 days. With the gradual decline of the joint family, the onus falls on the parents to finalize and coordinate the wedding, which they find difficult, given the circumstances. As you might know, planning a wedding is a lot of work; like finalizing a venue, defining the decor for the events, arranging catering services, purchasing the wedding attire, make up, guest accommodation and much more. With Marriage Colours at your disposal, you need not go around looking for the wedding planning checklist, as we will help you decide & coordinate every detail. Your family wedding is a once in a life time event after all and we intend to take the stress out of it for you. We will let you enjoy the occasion while we do all the hard work on our family wedding.

    To begin with, we help you set up a realistic budget. We note down every detail of the ceremony and come up with prices accordingly. We help you devise a road map that lists out all the details of the wedding. Since we have ample experience in our roles as venue consultants, we are qualified to understand and recommend the best and the most suitable venue in your preferred area. Based on the budget, number of guests and your preference, we help you finalize the wedding venue. Wedding decor is our speciality. We invite you to browse through the pages for the various decor themes of the past weddings. Right from finding the right florists, caterers, photographers, DJs, music bands and other vendors, we work with you on every detail. We have a well researched team of vendors who deliver at any cost. True to our motto, we put our best efforts to deliver more than we promise.

    We will be right by your side on your wedding, to assist you all through the way.

    We read over your requirements again and again and organize frequent meetings with you, to make sure that everything is spot on and in line with your needs. We do negotiations and amendments in the plan, with your best interests in mind. We ensure that you get the best for the price you pay. We create a timeline that informs everyone involved in the marriage planning process, from vendors to family members, when to do what. Handling the invitations, the choice of words to counseling you on proper etiquette, we take extra care to help you celebrate your marriage with pomp & grandeur. We let you know the hot & happening styles in the wedding marketplace and see to it that your wedding meets the latest trends in society. We make sure that you are aware of all the happenings in the industry and help you make a well informed decision. All of your pre-wedding needs are taken care of. Our honest opinion on very many things will help you decide on things faster.

    Marriage Colours are arguably among Chennai's top ten wedding planners, dedicated to manage your wedding day with aplomb and take control of the events that unfold, to ensure that the sequence of events happen without any jitter. Vendor supervising, setup and delivery are taken care of with meticulous focus. We take on the stress, so you do not have to worry. We become your one point contact for all the day's action, while you remain hassle-free and are assured that all things are in place. We ensure that everything runs smoothly while you enjoy the occasion with your friends, near and far family. Having handled hundreds of weddings, we know how to troubleshoot the problems that arise on the day. Our rich experience in handling big weddings help us tackle exigencies with ease. We carry with pride the title of one of the best wedding planners in Chennai with precise knowledge of how to conduct an event of whatever scale.

    We know how to prioritize things, and rehearse the events in sequence, to get them all right on the day of the wedding. We will make you feel special and our professionalism will reassure you that every detail has been taken care of. We always follow a system and follow a robust and time tested process to make sure that the deliverables are present even before the timeline. We have a strong passion for wedding planning and for organizing grand events, big or small. Our passion for all events are the same, and the dedication is not dependent on the size of the event. We are the dream team that makes this very special event where two souls join in wedlock, happen in style. We get into the thick of things, deal with detail and help you celebrate your major life event with grandeur. Our creative skills and one-of-a-kind ideas will make your wedding in Chennai remembered by your guests forever. We see to it that every base is covered and it matches your style and budget.

    We have a strong in house decoration unit, fibre fabrication unit, florists, art directors, photography professionals, candid photographers, video and cinematography professionals, fireworks team, celebrity contacts, entertainers, designers to inject new ideas and a strong and dedicated work force with great attitude, who religiously follow professional work ethics to execute jobs perfectly.

    With Marriage Colours as wedding planner, we invite you to experience the dream wedding of a lifetime and be completely stress-free!!! Your stunning, sophisticated and romantic event is just a click away with us.

    Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

    There are some, who believe that conducting any event is all about organizing food, venue and a few flower arrangements behind the stage. They do not see any reason in employing the services of wedding planners. The job looks very simple. But, looking closer, you will find that it is a complex network of activities that are closely inter linked with each other. Any event, be it a marriage or a sangeet or a reception, may be conducted simply or in a grand manner, with least expenditure or most expenditure. Grand wedding celebrations need not mean a splurging of unlimited funds without rule or logic. We can always have a grand celebration within a limited budget too. This is where the job of the wedding planner comes in. The expertise and the experience of the wedding planner will decide on the overall budget of your wedding. The best wedding planners are capable of bringing down the cost of your marriage budget by quite a bit. It may sound an anomaly, but it is a fact that you can bring down the cost of the wedding by employing the services of a wedding planner. The money saved thus can be used to make your event even grander, by adding another feature to your entertainment or making your food extra tasty by adding more dishes to the menu or employing the services of a better caterer. We hope you get the point. So, hiring one of the top wedding planners in Chennai, will be a wise decision on your part.