A Magical Venue for your Dream Wedding, Miththam

A Magical Venue for your Dream Wedding, Miththam

The wishing tree of Marriage Colours goes to Miththam. This is the this time we are installing this beautiful decor. It was earlier installed a couple of years ago in ITC Grand Chola with a magical rusty swing for the couple. More recently, it was set up for the whimsical wonderland theme earlier this year right before the pandemic at Taj Coromandel.

Every since we stepped into Miththam, we always wanted to bring the wishing tree of Marriage Colours to this courtyard. Luckily the bride Abhinaya loved the tree concept; moreover she was looking for something very off beat.

Initially we wanted to install the wishing tree of the wedding decor in the middle, but then we pushed to the side, as we are a little in favour of the asymmetric. The trellis with ferns add up to the place, surprisingly it blends with the ambience to bring the wishing tree impact. The bride was fond of pink so we added a dash of pink over head.

Overall, a big impactful decor for the traditional wedding with this contemporary setup, which was appreciated well, with a middle of the woods ambience.

It was a grand wedding at the lovely venue, just off the Nithyakalyana Perumal temple, on the ECR. It is very near the fishing village of Kovalam. It is only about a kilometre's distance from the Kovalam junction.

It is actually a beautiful old-fashioned house built for hosting weddings in South India, created by Ramaniyam Real Estates. It is located close to the well-known Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple. You can find the lovely Miththam off the ECR, a short distance from Kovalam. The talented architect Swetha NS was responsible for designing this stunning venue.


You must have heard about the Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple. It is this really old temple located in Thiruvidanthai, built back in the 7th century by the ruling Pallavas. The history of this temple is absolutely fascinating, which adds to the magic of choosing Miththam as your wedding venue.

According to legend, there was a sage named Kalava who had 360 daughters. He wanted Vishnu to marry every one of them so he made a wish for it. And guess what? Varaha, another form of Vishnu, started marrying one of the maidens from Kalavas family every single day at this place! That's the reason they call the deity Nithya Kalyana Perumal, which means the "lord who marries daily".

Isnt that just incredible? It is these stories that bring the place to life.

This temple is a popular spot for people who want to get married or are experiencing delays in their marriage. Being near this temple creates a special and sacred atmosphere, away from the busy city life. It is pollution-free and easy to reach, making Miththam a great choice for couples looking to get married in a serene and accessible location.


Miththam is a special wedding venue. South Indian culture is the inspiration for this venue's design and architecture. The carefully selected antique furniture all around, gives the feeling of being in a traditional family home; a home that's been around for ages. Your guests will truly feel like they have stepped into a place filled with history and warmth.

The structure follows the style of the beautiful homes in Kerala and Chettinad. Here, it is natural for you to feel like you are hosting a special event, in your own ancestral home. This is especially true, if you are a South Indian family. This gorgeous house has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms and porticos, perfect for you and your family's celebrations. And not to forget the little things, antique swings around the house where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

They have made sure guests at this wedding hall feel comfortable by providing all amenities. They even have designated powder rooms and handwashing areas specifically for them. No more running around trying to find a bathroom now! Well, it is not really a wedding hall, but a cosy home.

And imagine this: there is this lovely courtyard in the center of the house. For one of our weddings, we transformed it into an incredible indoor lotus pond. Picture it adorned with beautiful lotus flowers and leaves, creating a traditional and elegant atmosphere for the wedding. It will be a stunning ambience that will leave everyone in awe.


That is right, this venue is not just for weddings; it can host amazing birthday parties, photoshoots, and a rare film shoot that comes by. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or need a stunning location for your next project, this venue is the perfect fit.

Photoshoot at Miththam

We have had a couple of photoshoots here. The entire venue is a perfect property for your pre or post wedding photoshoot. We can shoot incredible save the date videos, as there are many properties inside the venue. Photo options are abound right from the entrance gate till the back yard, with greenery, the lawn, the trees, all make for a spectacular landscape for your photo, video shoot.

Let me tell you a bit more about what makes it so incredible. The house itself is an impressive 12,000 square feet with lots of space to explore. You will find a beautiful portico, a lush lawn, and even a charming balcony on the first floor. Inside, of course, the antique furniture adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings. And the courtyard mentioned earlier - it is truly something special.

But that is not all! There are additional amenities that will make your event go smoothly. There is a spacious dining area where your guests can enjoy a delicious meal together. You will find a neat kitchen to handle the culinary needs. An artificial pond on the property, adds another element of beauty to the landscape.

Finally, generator is available to take care of additional power requirements and in case of power outages.

A Traditional Dream Wedding

Did we mention the splendid and enchanting lake that lies just beyond Miththam ECR! During those magical times of year when its waters are brimming with life, the view becomes utterly awe-inspiring.

All of these features, plus the ambiance of this untouched haven of natures treasures, make Miththam a beautiful property to host your celebrations.

Address near Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple, Thiruvidanthai, Tamil Nadu 603112

Distance from airport 41 Km to 60 Min
Distance from Adyar 32 Km to 40 Min

No of Rooms, 1
No of Venue, 2
Car Parking, 20
Pricing category, Standard


A. General Ambience
B. Rooms
C. Cleanliness and Hygiene
D. Garden
E. Lawn Ambience
F. On call support


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Conducting is a wedding is a mammoth job. Ask those who have done it. We at MC, endeavor to share our thoughts and experiences to make your wedding better and memorable. We welcome you to join in the discussion.

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