The Extravagance of a Kaldan Samudhra Wedding

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Did you know that a Kaldan Samudhra wedding is a popular choice these days?

The Kaldan Samudhra Palace is rated "excellent" by thousands and it is not for nothing. This is one of the best hotels and resorts in Mahabalipuram and certainly a primary choice when it comes to destination beach weddings.

We just concluded a mesmerizing few days of a Kaldan Samudhra Wedding. It is one of the most sought after top destination wedding venues on the East Coast Road, Chennai.

If you want a royal themed wedding, a wedding befitting royalty, in a palatial setting, it should be the Kaldan Samudhra Mahabalipuram hands down.

The Kaldan Samudhra Experience

You arrive at the Kaldan Samudhra Palace resort to the ultimate royal treatment with its world-class services and amenities. Upon your arrival, you receive the royal Rajasthani welcome, which includes arti, tikka, and a traditional pagdi. All this to the folk music performance by Rajasthani artists.

At this palatial beach wedding venue in Mahabalipuram can expect to be pampered like royalty. You can enjoy professionally curated experiences ranging from spa treatments, meditation sessions and more. In fact, our Kaldan wedding experience ended on a high note for our guests with an exclusive sunrise yoga session. For your eager palate, Samudhra Palace offers a multitude of cuisines that begin with delicacies from the far east till the extreme west.

You can expect nothing less than a royal setting as you enter inside one of the best beach wedding venues in Chennai. Our destination wedding began with the traditional royal rajasthani style welcome of the guests to the palace.

A tinge of apprehension gripped the organizers, as one side of the road was blocked till Mahabalipuram, till about 11am. The road block was on account of a cycling race happening on the ECR, with randonneurs occupying the left half of the entire stretch. Luckily, the wedding party came in after the cycle race completed.

A home away from home

As the Kaldan Samudhra website says, it is a home away from home. We couldn't agree more. It is a palatial property built over 10 acres of land, just a few hundred metres from the beach.

The host hired the entire venue on buyout for the event. And Kaldan has 106 rooms in total. The entire party stayed at the rooms ranging from deluxe and premium accommodations and a number of suites and seafacing villas.

The main property sits at an elevation, offering a beautiful view of the sea. In the silence of the night, you could hear the incessant waves trying to capture land, and failing in their attempt. :-)

Distance from Chennai airport

We can reach Kaldan Samudhra is quickly from the Chennai airport, if you avoid the city route. It is about an hour and a half drive from the airport to the finest beach wedding venues in Chennai. For this reason, the entire ECR has recently become popular for beach and destination weddings in Chennai.

The Wedding Venues at Kaldan

Let's get to know the Sundarabagh lawn at Kaldan Samudhra.

Did you know that we used the entire space right from the stairs till the beach front for this wedding? Yes, the Sundarabagh lawn was just perfect for the Sangeet the second day and the Reception on the third. The venue is spread wide and long and measures a magnificent 55000 sqft. It is truly a dream spot for big wedding affairs, with ample space to accommodate more than 1000 people.

The Grand Ballroom, known as Royal Darbaraa, is a huge indoor hall measuring almost 11,000 sqft. It is where the everyone enjoyed welcome lunch on day one and the wedding lunch on day two. It looked as if the Grand Ballroom, which is pillarless, built exactly for the occasion.

Kaldan Samudhra Wedding Cost

An average rent in the range of 35,000 INR* per room night, seems to be good value for money, for the facilities provided.

When you block the entire resort for three nights, you could end up paying about 45,000 to 75,000 INR per guest. It could be even less, since rooms can host up to 3 guests or more per room.

When blocking en masse, you could land up with a great price. This beachside wedding resort also offers the option of full buyout. This means that you have the entire resort to yourselves, for a lesser cost, with less restrictions, as all guests are your own.

Sea-facing villas for the bride and groom

The couple needs to feel like royalty during the entirety of the wedding. The folks at this beautiful seaside resort uderstand this. They facilitate it by providing luxurious sea-facing villas for the bride and groom, who are presently the prince and princess of the palace. This private space is exclusively for them to prepare and get themselves ready for their big day.

Welcome Lunch at the Royal Darbaraa

The day began lazily, as the guests arrived late partially due to the race. It so happens that in most of the weddings, the first day begins late. Another reason for this is that it was a weekend and there were people already checked into the hotel. They take time to checkout, due to various reasons.

Time to talk about the Grand Ballroom or the Royal Darbaraa. The ballroom is huge with an area of about 11000 sqft. It is a beautiful pillarless hall that could host over a 1000 folks at a time. You could host a lavish Sangeet at this beautiful venue in the first floor. You can easily access it through a simple flight of stairs of the The welcome lunch happened at the Royal Darbaraa Grand Ballroom.

Overflowing Yellow Haldi Decor at the Taj Deck

It was about 4pm when most of the guests had checked in. In the meantime, Haldi was happening at the Taj Deck. Reaching the haldi venue in itelf is a heartwarming experience, as you walk by, with the Sagar pool accompanying you till you reach there. Incidentally, the Sagar pool has the claim to be the largest swimming pool in Asia. It is a wonderful sight as you encounter beautiful sculptures and spraying water fountains along the way. There is a small two seater boat, which you can paddle along the stretch of the pool, cute isn't it?

And the beautifully decorated haldi function came to an end and the everyone retired tired to their rooms. The best is always yet to come. The evening sun went down and the Sangeet fever gripped the venue. A black and white themed Sangeet was just right for the musical evening. Our team flawlessly decorated it, setting the stage on fire, first with the LED screens on three sides. The sangeet took off with blitering song and dance sequences late into the night.

The couples retired early since the wedding by the beach, as they had to get up early for their sunrise wedding by the beach.

Band Bajaa Baraat at Sunrise

Before even the baraat procession began, the groomside folks assembled at the reception for the safaa tying process. It was a cold morning as the guests started trickling in.

After the Safaawala put a safaa on every member of the groom's party, the baraat procession started from the entrance of the resort. It ambled along the walkway noisily, to the sound of band bajaa and music, in the typical style.

Varmala on the Beach Deck

The decor for the varmala and the phere was a unique design called the tree of life. It was a special design that looked awesome in the early morning. As the Sun rose magnificently, the entire stage and the beachside glowed in its golden yellow rays.

And the varmala happened to the delight of the friends and relatives who gathered around the deck. The bride and groom then exchanged garlands in style, under the glowing golden sky.

The tree of life design on the beach deck was a unique creation. In fact, it took is a couple of weeks of brainstorming to bring it to its final mystic looks. We went ahead with the digital render, after the host agreed and were happy with the final product.

The completed work was truly awesome. The execution posed a fews challenges, such as the breeze swaying the structure, but these were won over by our team of go-getters.

The Grand Phere, Wedding by the beach

The atmosphere on the beach deck filled with love and excitement as the couple embarked on their sacred journey. Surrounded by priests, their soothing mantras echoed through the air, adding a touch of spirituality to the moment. The flickering flames from the traditional fire rituals danced gracefully, casting a warm glow upon the couple's faces.

As they stood hand in hand, the couple could feel the power of the ancient traditions enveloping them. It was a beautiful phere, symbolizing the eternal bond they were about to forge. Their hearts swelled with joy, knowing that this special day would forever be present in their memories.

With each step taken around the holy fire, their souls intertwined further, solidifying their commitment to one another. They exchanged promises and vows, speaking words straight from the depths of their hearts. Their love radiated brightly, illuminating the entire beach deck.

Time seemed to stand still as they completed each circle, their union growing stronger with every passing moment. You could feel their deep connect not only to each other but also to those who came before them, honoring age-old customs and traditions.

Wedding Lunch at Royal Darbaraa

The grand and royal wedding lunch was truly awesome. It hosted not by the hotel, but one of city's most famous caterers serving the traditional banana leaf lunch.

With almost unlimited list in the list of lipsmacking delicacies, it was a sumptuous feast from starters to the final dessert.

Unbelievable Couple Entry with Fireworks all around

The reception entry of the couple was superlative, to say the least. The Sundarabagh lawn shone brilliantly, right from the Taj deck and all along the walkway till the beach deck. As the couple made their entry, you could virtually see the night sky lit bright with many colours. Fireworks lighting up the entire sky kept it bright for a long time.

It was truly a magical beginning to the reception evening. A huge number of guests arriving to wish the couple a long and happy life together.

The best of musical numbers followed with the city's top band churned out lilting music that made the ambience energetic and lively.

The night came to an end with the grand and lavish dinner at the Sundarabagh lawn. The young couple then began their fairy tale life together.

The Magical Kaldan Samudhra Wedding

A lot of couples, just like ours, pick the Kaldan Mahabalipuram as their wedding spot. They absolutely love the atmosphere both inside and outside of the venue. This is especially true for people from Rajasthan because it is closer to their heart.

Every couple dreams of having a memorable and magical wedding. At this exclusive destination wedding venue, without a doubt, a couple's wish for a fairy tale wedding becomes a reality. This beautiful venue lives up to its reputation as an everlasting paradise. And what better way to begin your love story than by stepping into the doors of this royal palace for your dream destination wedding?

So, if you decide to get hitched on a beach, in a destination wedding, we would definitely recommend a Kaldan Samudhra Wedding for you.


We have done hundreds of weddings on the ECR stretch of the many beach wedding venues now. Marriage Colours is an established and renowned wedding brand with an impeccable track record. To get full wedding planning support on your wedding at Kaldan Samudhra, Call or WhatsApp us for immediate response.


A page from the idomahabs Digital Book, which has all the information you want about beach and destination weddings in Chennai Mahabalipuram. Click here to access the entire book


Conducting is a wedding is a mammoth job. Ask those who have done it. We at MC, endeavor to share our thoughts and experiences to make your wedding better and memorable. We welcome you to join in the discussion.

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