Top Mehendi Decor themes of 2020-21!

Trending Mehendi Themes 2020 to 2021

Although Mehendi is a traditional and Vedic custom that has been followed for many years in the subcontinent, nowadays Mehendi is like a starter for a 5 course meal. The mehendi event will set a tone for the rest of the wedding festivities, so it is up to you to ensure it stays on par and serves as a great starter.

What can be different in Mehendi? Get creative, throw in a lot of fun stalls, guest engagement, photo corner and make it as colourful as possible, a few cents from us if all your events are indoor, try and get creative and see if you can host in an outdoor setting, if you have no time and have exhausted your budget, try and use your house for a cosy mehendi function, or a terrace or even your courtyard, all you need is some friends, snacks and henna.

1. Pastel Splash
If you have booked a Beach resort for your wedding, imagine having your Mehendi by the Poolside in the breezy afternoon, with splashes of pastel colours for your guest diwan seating and a Bridal corner with strings of flowers as a backdrop? You can add colourful hangings on the trees around and even include a swing hanging from the trees to make it more interesting.

2. Pinwheel Shower
The other Mehendi trend that we would suggest is picking a prop or element of your choice and making it your Theme. Say you love Pinwheels? Why not make a complete decor out of it? We have done one such decor where the Bride loved pinwheels and we ended up filling up the whole space with her favourite Pinwheels.

3.Come Fly with me
This was another prop based theme that we did wherein we used Kites and Spools, the whole theme was based on flying high with Joy and Happiness.

4. Tropical Twist
Since Mehendi is usually an afternoon or early evening event, Tropical theme with Pink Flamingo, Pineapples and Monstera leaves will just be a perfect match to the Weather.

5. Boho Chic
When you want to take the road less travelled, you can do up the whole place with Bohemian themed props, Pompous leaves and Rustic furniture.

6. Inspiration from Live space
The latest trend is to recreate a live space. Imagine having a living room setup or a backyard setup with colourful vintage suitcases, Kettles, Photo frame etc. We have already spoken in length about props and furniture right? You can give minute detailing to such a theme by picking out the right furniture, props and colours.

7. The Desi route
Another Decor trend for Mehendi is to go full on conventional with Marigold strings and Desi colours like Rani Pink and Yellow.

8. Colour C(hr)oma
Is your favourite colour Turquoise blue or pink? We let it be any colour, you can also base your Mehendi theme on your favourite colour and create a Colour based on decor

9. Mehendi on the House
The last thing to worry about is to plan for the mehendi, treat it to an evening session with your friends and families, call in your favourite ones to your home and you got it! The easiest thing to do.

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