The Circle of Entertainment

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The Circle of Entertainment

January 26th 2015. Thats the first time we saw Day at Night. It was truly a night to remember. For a fireworks fanatic, the view was unbelievably fantastic. 1000 of jet streamers illuminated the sky. Niagara fell to a display of names. Pyrotechnics. You name it. They had it. An absolute killer of a fireworks and pyrotechnics display.

Mohomed Morani of Morani Fireworks and SFX talks about Entertainment in Weddings!

Speaking from the heart, Mr. Mohomed Morani, on his Fireworks & SFX arsenal.

Current & future trends are veered towards eco & environmentally friendly, soundless fireworks, with a focus on Beauty, Shock & Awe by sight, and minimal to nil noise pollution. Stunning aerial spectaculars. Even the gerbs are smokeless, cold pyro; though to be technical, cold would be oxymoronic as pyrotechnics are from the Greek words pyr (fire) and tekhnikos (made by art).

MFW&SFX use state-of-the-art machines that conform to fire & safety rules, ensuring that they can be used both indoor and outdoor. This translates to incredible entrances for the Bridal couple. Designer pathways, programmed to light, to music, even varying heights to illuminate and guide the spotlight on the couple.

Marriage Colours: Although it might look complex, Morani says that the flame effects on the stage, with variety of colours, with synchronized dance movements and lights, CO2 effects to flame effects are all programmed and controlled on a console to the laptop.

Some of the aerial displays are the Aerial Fountains, Aerial Repeaters, Aerial Sparklers, Chrysanthemum, Comet, Crossette, Skyrocket, Firecrackles, Flying Fish, Girandola, Ground Aerial Spinners, Missiles and Rockets, Parachutes, Peony, Poppers and Snakes, Roman Candles, Smoke Effects, the Willow, to name a few.

Some personal recommendations for a full-blown sangeet are white and colour CO2 effects. These can be combined with dancing flames that we call Flaminia. We also recommend Sparkular machines that allow you to create stunning designer displays that can be synchronized with music on stage. No explosive content and an unique ability to independently control the duration and height of the display.

The more machines you add, the more impressive your display can look, and they can all be controlled with one intelligent controller. These can be done in two ways, upward display from the stage and a reverse effect from the truss downward. The use of the CO2 hand-held guns for DJ and performers gives an interactive feel during Sangeet.

Marriage Colours : A key takeaway from Mohomed Morani is, finally Timing is crucial, if you were to use aerial shots or pyros be it ring ceremony, be it cake cutting the timing is critical, more importantly, add art to the pyros, add music, add lighting, its a complete wholesome package! Programming the cue sheet based on the event flow is vital.

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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