Planning your Wedding this 2020

Planning your Wedding this 2020

Hear what Aleah and Nick of Valley events have to tell about Planning your Wedding impeccably.

Whats your take on sustainable weddings?

We encourage couples to be sustainable during their wedding planning - thinking of local caterers who source the best local bounty, rental companies who have high standards for top rentals that are sustainably made, and artists who are local to the wedding location. Sustainable can mean using materials that are easily reused and keeping waste down, but also we feel it speaks to hiring and sourcing businesses that are local and sustainable themselves.

Whats the key to selecting a good design?

Whats the underlying thread in your signature designs? A Valley & Company wedding looks and feels like our couples and we strive to create designs and experiences unique to each couple. We dont like to use the same table settings or ceremony look rather, we design for our couples using fresh ideas and a blank canvas and pepper in bits of their story through each moving part. We are also huge on high-touch moments like cocktail welcomes, interactive happy hour, and layered dining experiences that lead into one big party!

Whats going to be the Colour of the year?

Navy blue with accents of either pastels and neutrals or bold tones!

Will pastels continue to hold sway?

We love working with all color stories that compliment a space (whether indoors or out), and tell the stories of our couples, but do enjoy pastels as they can carry through each season and feel neutral, allowing for bolder colors to be peppered in.

Do you think there will be a shift in paradigm when it comes to choosing Destination
post the Covid-19 era?

Our couples planning destination weddings are gravitating more towards domestic locations right now until we have a better pulse on travel plans for 2020 and into 2021. We sure hope weddings bring couples back to destinations abroad, but its too soon to say. We are telling our couples to think of domestic locations that mean something to them - like a family lakeside property, a beach where they go each summer with friends, or a mountain setting they love to hike at in the fall. Thinking about locations that help to tell a couples story can help to chose an excellent location.

What is the Vision of a 2020 Couple going to be like?

We anticipate couples being drawn to creating an amazing experience for their guests more than ever and planning a multi-day wedding. Multi-day weddings dont need to be overdone, but focus on togetherness. Examples are a beach welcome bonfire, a wedding morning brunch or group beach walk, and a farewell cocktail party.

Food presentation & Floral Decor go hand in hand. What is the key in making it a feast to
both the eyes & the taste buds?

Avoid creating centerpieces with overly scented flowers like Easter lilies - this can compete with the food being served and be a bit off-putting. We also recommend non-scented candles as scented candles can have the same effect!

In the aftermath of Covid19, with shrinking budgets, is it possible to do wedding decor within a budget and still make a positive impact?

Absolutely! We suggest couples focus on what we call impact points, which are areas that guests will see the most. Like a big welcome arch filled with flowers, or amped up candlelight on the tables. A statement piece on an escort card display, or a big fountain filled with flowers are all fun ways to create a beautiful moment without having to do something large on 30 tables

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