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Reception Decor|Beach Wedding Reception

Reception Decor | Beach Wedding Reception

The reception decor for our beach wedding reception was a unique one. Once you enter the Sheraton Grand Chennai and have crossed the majestic buffaloes, you are in dialogue with the floral marigold rangolis.

You will not be missing out on the stylish nameboard tastefully done with fresh flowers from the garden. On either side of the name board are the elegant and ever lustrous peacock designs, part of the reception decor in the beach wedding reception.

As you walk by towards the reception at the beach, a pool of water covered in rose petals provides relief to the eyes.

On the main stage of the beach wedding reception, the diamond cut backdrop, so designed as to not block the natural background of the majestic sea that mesmerises right behind it.

The beach reception stage is tastefully and colourfully decorated with hanging lamps and exquisite floral arrangements and with colourful floral arches.

The white chairs with maroon sashes add the requisite mystery to the ambience.

As the Sun goes down and darkness creeps in, the standing lamps on either side of the stage and candles create the right ambience for the function to begin.

Thus, we present,, the reception decor or beach wedding reception at Sheraton Grand Chennai.