They say Wedding is the most important day in your life, it is only right when we give a larger than life treatment to it. Decor that is magnum opus!

In conversation with Toni Breiss, One of the finest in the wedding industry based out of Paris, Beirut and Riyadh.
Contemporary & elegant weddings, Traditional weddings with a contemporary twist are the kind of wedding trends that will be carried over from 2019 to the future, says Toni.
Also, his recommendation for a WOW guest experience is with a great ceiling touch, having elegant floral centrepieces, marvelous entertainment and one way to ensure everybody is on the dance floor and also using a lot of printable fabrics that go with the mood and theme of the wedding

For all the Brides getting married post-Covid-19 Get married, everything will be ok soon. Your dream wedding is only going to happen once so make the best out of it!, says Toni.

We often visit places we like, or someone recommended, but unfortunately, you might not or cant get married in most of the places, for instance in Taj Mahal the love symbol of the world, Imagine getting married in the Louvre in Paris with the glistening glass pyramid on top, well these things would remain a dream for many. We are talking about taking real life inspiration and recreating it on your Wedding day. With this Decor trend, we can even create Tirupathi Mandap for your wedding at the venue, Recreate a beautiful palace of your choice for the Reception, and Do a complete Venice themed makeover for your Sangeet with floating Gondola etc. As they say, there are no limits to imagination and with this trend, the skys the limit.

4th Dimension : One of the themes at the house of Marriage colours that we have innovated is the 4D element the 4th dimension designs touching the senses, feeling the decor, giving life to the entire decor by bringing in the additional dimension, be it a visual motion in the backdrop, or making your guests feel the melting ice, or even using a chocolate incense for the first chocolate themed birthday party, or a magnanimous bride entry through the structural design you built as a background. Our creativity goes wild beyond imagination.

Ultra trendy floral overheads.
Ceiling architecture and large creative suspensions mixed with over sized chandeliers and lighting is certainly a trend here to stay. Hanging dramatic floral features above the table and creating a dance floor underneath with clusters of flowers a show stopping wedding trend that will carry on in 2020 and beyond.

Luxurious lounges relaxing in style
Whether its for the cocktail hour or as part of the after party luxurious lounges are a style must at any modern wedding. The ongoing trend is to mix comfort with contemporary elegance and styling relaxed and super chic lounge pockets indoors or outdoors. Incorporate these Out of the box ideas for your Wedding Decor and give your guests an awe inspiring experience!

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