Floral Walls

Floral Walls - An evergreen trend in Weddings!

Tagline : Adorn your Wedding with thousands of flowers!

When you don a bespoke suit, you will instantly feel like a king amongst men, so for all the women, your custom made gown or lehenga will make you feel no less than a queen! Marriages are made in heaven, its only right when you give that deserved treatment to the venue. The 3 magic factors that can adorn a great wedding are good venue, lips smacking food and the special moments captured.

To top it all a good decor is not only a show stopper but a mandatory showcase which will have a lasting impression in everyones mind. Our long-lasting experience in decor which spreads over a decade has seen a varied change from region to region over time. The big fat weddings in the Middle East transform the venue to a different planet altogether with heavy ceiling hangings, playing with lights and inducing technology to the visual experience.

On the other hand, India utilizes artistic fibre works, garlands, and fresh flowers and the exotic floral walls blending the rustic decor with the venues and creating the latest trends.

The US decor settings are more on the exotic floral arrangements while the Victorian wedding decors focus more on the vineyards and its history.

Arguably we can pick inspirations from each region since it offers spectacular stage designs and set works. India has a mix of everything; you can pick a traditional South Indian wedding with homegrown flowers or a big fat Indian wedding in Delhi,
Hyderabad or Jaipur which happens over 3 days with multiple themes and decor options. Floral Walls & Elements

Everyones imagination about ones wedding varies and it can go wild but the fresh flowers will be an integral part of all the dreams and imagination. Floral wall decoration is the one which is here to stay for many more years to come. It will always remain the evergreen, much sought after decor and will be an integral part of any decor setting. Every flower is the Flower of 2020

Says Kiana Underwood from Tulipina.

She goes on to add this We need every kind of beauty to combat the disruption that this virus has caused our world and its people.

Who could be a better start to talking about flowers and floral designs other than Kiana?

Interestingly Kiana lets nature dictate how colours should be used in an arrangement. If you look closely at most flowers, they have complex colour nuances within each bloom - sometimes in unexpected combinations. I take this same approach in my arrangements, and often create a colour palette that may seem non-traditional at first glance, but ends up being highly pleasing to the eye.

Marriage Colours: We feel that is a brilliant way to design, letting nature take its course, arranging flowers from non-traditional colour palette Sounds very unconventionally flattering.

Every installation of Tulipina is unique, if you have been following them then you already know it, however when we asked about some of the favourites, she said Every installation we create is unique, so there are many - but one of my favourites was an existing wisteria tunnel/arbour which we decorated with hand-dyed gypsophila, roses, peonies, and other flowers to create a 20m long lush, pink floral wonderland. Another installation that I enjoyed this past wedding season was vintage hanging floral lampshades that we did for a wedding in Como, Italy. In general, I enjoy the creative process that larger installations allow for - and I am fortunate that clients give me the creative control to dream up these designs

So, Now you know how impactful Floral Walls and Installations can be at your Wedding! Go ahead and adorn your D day with Thousands of Flowers!

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