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Overview of Europe - BC and AC Exotic Weddings in Europe

Well, you are under the impression that AC is a typo for AD, you are wrong .What we meant here is Before COVID-19 and After COVID-19. The impact is such that the industries of the world are closing down and there is a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour! The most affected remain to be the Travel, Tourism, Events and Wedding Industry.

Being the Major epicentre for a few weeks has devastated the heart of Europe, Especially Italy, known for its jaw dropping wedding venues, from Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome to Apulia. However, this article will take you through some of the other destinations for weddings that have been under the radar for quite some time now.

Ideally, Italy has been the forerunner for Exotic weddings, however, with Covid-19 taking a massive toll on Italy we foresee a decline of destination weddings in the coming months if not a year or two, simultaneously impacting the wedding spend or the guest count as well. Given the current tourism scenario, we feel that it is going to be a while before we see families travelling to other countries for a destination wedding. However, if Italy is your choice, you can reduce the guest count to 100, 75, 50 or even lesser, pick some nice vintage, heritage villas and spend a day or 2 with your loved ones.

Well, people travel to Italy for various reasons, some for business, some for leisure and some for visiting friends and family and so on. At Marriage Colours we always believe in respecting the traditions, believe in the heritage, believe in forefathers and believe in the culture, well most of you are aware of When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do Taking a leaf out if, treat your guests with Italy, give them what Italy gives. Show them the culture, show them the heritage, show them the architectural beauty. We have shortlisted 3 heritage villas which can enchant the pulse of each of your guests.

We still remember the 2018 Autumn on the banks of Lake Como, beautiful wedding unfolded with the guests from India, UK and Italy, we even shipped flowers from India but the customs had a tough time in clearing it due to pollen on the flowers, gifts, nuts, garlands and most of them were shipped from Chennai, South India.

Well, something is in the ambience that Italy deserves! Yes, its the heritage - we are going to give you 3 villas which are old fashioned, green, and most sought out for intimate weddings.

Villa Astor, Villa Ballbino, Villa Clara

The owner of all these properties talks to us about the villas, We always wanted to give the Couple their Dream Wedding and through our Heritage Collection of Villa in Italy and France, We are helping them realize their dreams. Each Villa is unique in their own ways and they have an ageless history adding richness and luxury to the Weddings, with the beautiful collection of art, artefacts and the antiques that we behold in our Villas. Be it a garden wedding or a wedding by the lake or mountain top or overlooking the sea, these villas will give you the Fairytale Wedding that you have always wanted

Villa Astor

Starting with Villa Astor located on the cliff overlooking the Amalfi coast, offering 270-degree views of the Bay of Naples, dont forget to miss the artworks around the villa like a museum, the emphasis of the art and interiors is what speaks about the property Jacques Garcia was instrumental in developing the interiors of the villa. What more do you want? Wedding on a cliff? Overlooking the sea with spellbinding interiors? Perfect for the first family of 20 can stay in the house and the rest 30 - 40 -100 could stay right down the alley with places like Hotel Regina Sorrento, Hotel Continental, and Hotel Bellevue Syrene and so on.

The Villa has 6 magnificent suites decorated with the finest furniture, a lush garden where outdoor reception can be held and a natural sea grotto. For a Wedding Ceremony, the place can accommodate up to 200 people and you can reach in an hour from t Naples Airport.

Villa Balbiano

Well, you can still do your dream wedding at Lake Como, here is our Lake Como recommendation - Villa Balbiano Perfect fairy tale with mountains, lake and a heritage venue. Can you imagine Villa Balbiano existed from the 16th century and its also the largest private residence on the lake?

It has 6 luxurious suites furnished with antiques and masterpieces. The Villa can accommodate up to 28 people in the house and the seating capacity in the lawn is up to 1000 people. Milan Bergamo airport is nearest to the Villa situated 53 kilometers away.

Villa Clara

Alright, its not right to leave Rome out of the equation. Villa Clara bang in the heart of Rome, the hidden jewel survived the world wars, a perfect heritage villa for a perfect Italian wedding, why do a Roman-themed wedding when you can do a wedding in Rome itself. As this property is in Rome there will be plenty of options for the guest to stay right outside the villa.

This villa has 4 suites well furnished with Roman and Greek antiques. It is an epitome of luxury and can accommodate up to 50 guests for an event. The Villa is located just 30 minutes from Rome Airport and is the best place to host a small, intimate wedding.

Chateau de Villette

As we touched Rome, how can we leave out the city of love? You got me right - Paris. Chateau de Villette located right outside Paris, closer to Airport and all amenities included, perfect to host a 100 pax wedding and to make the guests stay in the house, it has a stupendous lawn as the icing on the cake. Andre Le Notre was the landscaping artist of the lawn, if you ask me have I followed the works I would say no, but after doing a little research we have found out he was the landscaping artist and the principal gardener of King Louis XV of France. He, was also the one who designed the landscape of Palace of Versailles; what a mesmerising and enchanting experience one would have in getting married there.

The venue can hold 120 people inside and up to 1000 people can be seated outside on the lawn. The place has 7 luxurious suites which stand as an embodiment of the Louis XV era and can accommodate up to 27 people.

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