Exotic Floral Decor in Weddings!

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Exotic Floral Decor in Weddings!

Kiana Underwood of Tulipina shares a lot about floral arrangements and exotic flowers Decor in Weddings!

Your floral arrangements are second to none and have great colour combinations, what is the inspiration behind it.

KU: I tend to let nature dictate how colors should be used in an arrangement. If you look closely at most flowers, they have complex color nuances within each bloom - sometimes in unexpected combinations. I take this same approach in my arrangements, and often create a color palette that may seem non-traditional at first glance, but ends up being highly pleasing to the eye.

Best used florals for ceiling treatment?

KU: This depends upon temperature, as many flowers that could be used in a cooler environment (whether inside or outside) will die very quickly in a warm environment (such as a tent on a summer day). In cool weather you can use almost any variety that you would use in an arrangement - but in warmer weather hardier vines and greens, as well as flowers such as gypsophila, flowering branches, and well-hydrated roses can work well.

What are the 3 wedding installations closest to your heart and why?

KU: Every installation we create is unique, so there are many - but one of my favorites was an existing wisteria tunnel/arbor which we decorated with hand-dyed gypsophila, roses, peonies, and other flowers to create a 20m long lush, pink floral wonderland. Another installation that I really enjoyed this past wedding season were vintage hanging floral lampshades that we did for a wedding in Como, Italy. In general, I really enjoy the creative process that larger installations allow for - and am fortunate that clients give me the creative control to dream up these designs.

Your favourite wedding venues to design? Upto 3 and why?

KU: I don't have a specific venue that I love more than another. In general, I really enjoy the villas that we get to work at in Italy. The architecture, gardens, and majestic spaces of these villas really fuel my creativity.

Each of your designs is a story on its own, does it often relate to the couple?

KU: We get to know our couples as much as possible to design something that is uniquely them. In the beginning of the design process this involves a detailed questionnaire that gives us insight into likes/dislikes, as well as what inspires them. This allows us to really tailor something unique every time.

What is the flower of 2020?

KU: With the challenges that we have in the world this year, I feel that every flower is the flower of 2020. We need every kind of beauty to combat the disruption that this virus has caused our world and its people.

What is going to be trending in 2021?

KU: Well, getting back to the business of creating beauty is hopefully what is in store for 2021. Getting back to normal, and helping people celebrate life (again).

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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