European Amusement

European Amusement

Wedding Entertainment crafted by Christina Rhodes, UK

If a client gives you a free hand, what will be the entertainment would you sketch for their event.

I feel like the best part of my job is helping to bring a clients vision to life, but one of my favourite themes is the circus. I started my career producing international cirque shows, and I love the vibrancy of colors and world of whimsical possibilities that fits inside that theme. Anything from acrobats performing off of hanging balloons to real wind-up ballerinas, theres no limit on what you can dream up.

List out top 5 trending entertainment shows for weddings.

A showcase violinist in an extravagant costume at the entrance, highly-themed weddings, empaths such as personal astrologists and tarot readers, costume lounges for guests to accessorize themselves, and high-fashion inspired photo booths.

What is important while choosing your entertainment vendors, brand or personality name or talent.

The most important aspect is that you connect with your entertainment provider, and that they can fulfill both your vision and your budget. While we bring in celebrity performers for clients when they request them, you often get more value for money hiring incredible artists who are less well known.

What is the future of entertainment or shows, what is going to trend in 2020 and 2021?

In the wake of Covid-19, I think we are going to see an increase in both small, intimate gatherings, as well as epic roaring 20s styled events. People are going to be open to trying new things but also want to honor their families and communities in a more meaningful way than before. I anticipate highly themed but small dinner parties, more of an emphasis on traditional folk and authentic to the environment entertainment (i.e. mexican folk musicians for cocktails at a Mexican Wedding), and we have seen a huge rise in mysticism and guests wanting personal empaths (tarot readers, astrologists, etc)

Do you think there will be a shift in paradigm when it comes to choosing Destination post the Covid-19 era?

I think for larger weddings, couples will be more inclined to stay close to home, but I think smaller parties will choose to go exploring. They seize the opportunity to be out in the world, creating magical and unique experiences for themselves and their loved ones.

What do you think is going to be the Most trending Wedding Theme of 2020?

Just raw celebration and connection. I anticipate more color than previous years as guests are going to want to let loose and party once they can. And with that more of a welcoming of themes. Couples and vendors have the time to really get creative, and I think we will see a boost in theatrical elements at weddings. I also think micro-weddings are really coming into style (under 40 guests).

What is going to be the Nextgen technology that will impact the Bride Groom Entry?

We have seen a huge rise in LED screens and video mapping when it comes to technology. Its much easier than it used to be to create high-quality interactive media that speaks to the theme, the couple and the physical space. So I anticipate seeing a lot more of both of those elements incorporated.

In the aftermath of Covid19, with shrinking budgets, is it possible to do weddings within a budget and still make a positive impact?

Absolutely. When it comes to entertainment, so much of what clients are looking to achieve is really about quality not quantity. So unlike florals, where if you want a giant installation, you need a budget to support it, for entertainment what you need is creativity, the right kind of artists, and you can make magic happen - for less than you would expect.

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