Destination Weddings around the World

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Destination Weddings around the World

Hear from Joann Gregoli of Elegant Occasions, International Destination Wedding

Your favourite top 3 destinations for weddings and why?

My top three destinations are: Italy, due to the amazing cuisine, the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people. Marrakech, the exotic location offers the beauty of the desert, the amazing flavors of the foods and the blending of the cultures that people can experience is just amazing.

Given the current scenario - can you select some unheard places in the EU for the
future destination weddings in 2020/2012

Considering the fact that the mainstream Italy, France , Spain will take some time to hear from Covid 19. Most areas are affected by the Covid 19 virus, so its hard to find a location that is not affected. But keeping in mind of the severity, i would recommend, Malta as a possible destination , Dubai which is truly a wonderful location and also, Greece. These locations seem to have less of a hit with the Covid 19 virus.

Can you give us a select 5 wedding destinations suitable for indian weddings and
a small brief on why

Dubai is well prepared for Indian weddings, because they have the venues largest enough to accommodate the large numbers of guests. Morrocco: can also accommodate larger weddings because we can put up tents in the desert and make the weddings truly memorable.

Do you think there will be a shift in paradigm when it comes to choosing Destination post the Covid-19 era?

I think with Covid 19 - people will really look at destinations that can control the outbreaks easier than most countries. People are watching and seeing how countries are handling their current situations. I think the governments who can control the spread are most likely the places people will select.

What is the Vision of a 2020 Couple going to be like?

I think 2020 will be more a zoom ceremony with vows and then zoom celebrations

Whats your take on sustainable weddings?

Sustainable weddings are still very much something most couples are interested in, they want to be sure that all their food is locally sourced

Whats the key to selecting a good design?

The key to a good design is to keep it in line with your surroundings. Try not to make something out of an area that would be complimented by your design concepts.

Whats the underlying thread in your signature designs?

The underlying thread it to set a theme or tone color scheme

Can you select 3 remote places or resorts in the world where you have been wanting to do a destination wedding?

Aman Morocco, Aman in Thailand, Aman in Japan

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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