Experience the perfect destination wedding in Goa!

Experience the perfect destination wedding in Goa!

Goa is known around the country as the party capital of India! Drink, dance, food and the romantic facade captures the essence of the small state, also known as The Rome of the East. It is in somebody's dream to have a destination wedding in Goa, combining it with the holidays in India. Visualize this. Getting married in the soft and sandy beaches of Goa, in the backdrop of its pristine waters and the sky scraping coconut trees. It is a grandiose idea, if you feel the least tinge of romanticism inside you.

Wedding Venues in Goa

For destination weddings in Goa, South Goa is preferred over the North. Many reasons are attributed to this; the main ones being that South Goa is more pleasant and soothing to the senses, with cleaner beaches. Finally, much like the beach resorts of Mahabalipuram, every hotel of some standing will have a private beach for its guests. Royal Orchid, Nanutel Margao, The Leela Goa and Longuinhos Beach Resort are a few options to consider. The Postcard Cuelim, Marquis Beach resort, Beleza by The Beach, Kenilworth resort and spa are great venues for your destination wedding. Your budget and the number of guests should influence your choice of your wedding venue.

Why is wedding venue important?

Wedding venue is one of the most important thing in a wedding; more so in a destination wedding. That is because, for all the decor that we set up for the wedding, the venue is the base. And, the basic elegance of your wedding venue is definitely a plus, when it comes to how the final decor looks like. So, pay attention and focus on choosing the venue that is best suited for your decor design. Of course, your wedding deorator will ensure that you get the best out of your venue and decor. But, be prepared to spend quality time with your wedding decorator. Run through the designs with them, and finalize the best one suited for the venue, and the function.

Planning your destination wedding in Goa

As with any activity, wedding planning is an experts job. Getting your wedding planning right requires a bit of expertise and experience. There are a hundred things that can go wrong with your wedding. Getting a wedding planner to support you with your wedding is the wisest thing you can do.

Most of us, wouldn't have seen many weddings in close quarters. So, we wouldn't know much about how to conduct a wedding. Thus, we would be first time planners. So, taking up the responsibility of a wedding planner upon us, would probably be a very foolhardy thing to do.

With your destination wedding planner on the job, you get to do what you should be doing in the first place. Enjoy your wedding moments. You should be focussing on spending quality time with friends and relations and be in the moment. It is not where you worry about whether the DJ and the band have started and will be at the venue on time.

There are benefits when you hire a wedding planner to do your planning. For example, when you go out and hire a vendor, all by yourself, for any event, you will get their rates. But, what you get, will be entirely different than when you reach them through a planner. You may still be paying more, but definitely lesser than what you would have paid originally.

The Extras

Binging on the local drink feni after the wedding is a great way to create the mood for your party extravaganza. The people have a laid back attitude and you get a feeling that time is floating here. The partying mindset of the local folk will surely attach itself to yourself and you join in sooner or later. A Goa honeymoon is what just the doctor ordered, with its energetic, late night parties that go on till the early hours. There are quite a number of beautiful beaches where you can bathe under the sun. Just cuddle up to your better half under the shade of the umbrella, as the sea breeze gently caresses you into peaceful slumber. There are numerous ancient monuments that will make you catch your breath while you express your awe at the history. The Goan culture of colonial past is prevalent everywhere in Goa. The portuguese flavour is always there as you can feel the difference in cultures of Goa and the rest of India. If you are an Indian and want to experience a foreign country, a visit to Goa can take you nearly there. Anjuna beach and Candolim beach are just a few of the sandy beach destination wedding in Goa.

So, get ready to choose from the best wedding destinations in Goa. Coconut Creek Resort, Banyan Tree Courtyard, Cidade De Goa are a few suitable wedding destinations in Goa. Casa De Goa Suites and Villas, Bogmallo Beach Resort and The Emerald Forest are some that promise an unforgettable experience in your destination wedding in Goa.

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