Bringing nature inside this 2020

Bringing nature inside this 2020 Luxurious greenery

Greenery and mass natural foliage continue to be a strong favourite keeping spaces luxurious yet simple and blending the indoor and outdoor. Gorgeous greens are often contrasted by impactful lighting and become ultra luxurious when mixed with stylish custom lighting. This is an important point 5 out of 10 professionals around the world are vouching for greenery and foliage.

Interesting observations from Christina Holt of Wedding Concepts, South Africa Multi day celebrations are on the rise over one day affairs, long weekends are preferred for great wedding celebrations, some of the events around wedding ceremony are personalised excursions, informal lunches, special cocktail night and post wedding hangover BBQs Well, its great, we think the personalised excursions mixed with informal dinner before the wedding ceremony and the post marriage hangover BBQs will be a great hit.

Miracle Garden

Real flowers and life size installations around the universe call for the miracle garden. Pack your wedding with floral installations of animals, birds, trees, and anything for a miracle garden.

Whites & Greens

White and green are the colours of every year when it comes to weddings. Sure another colour might make a cameo ever so often, but whether you working with a timeless couple or a more modern couple, neutrals and the colours you see in nature will always reign. Beth Helmstetter, named top planner by a lot of leading magazines and information houses.

We anticipate couples being drawn to creating an amazing experience for their guests more than ever and planning a multi day wedding. Multi day weddings dont need to be overdone but focus on togetherness. Examples are a beach welcome bonfire, a wedding morning brunch or group beach walk, and a farewell cocktail party as suggested by Aleah and Nick from Valley & Company events, USA.

Also, a great observation from them: Couples to focus on what we call impact points, which are areas that guests will see the most. Like a big welcome arch filled with flowers, or amped up candlelight on the tables. A statement piece on an escort card display or a big fountain filled with flowers are all fun ways to create a beautiful moment without having to do something large on 30 tables.

At Marriage Colours we feel that the white and green will be trending in a lot of outdoor weddings, especially if you are using a lawn, or a terrace or if you have a great landscape with cosy guest list, go for the white and green mixers, again the greens can be of different greens, you can add a dash of dark green, eucalyptus green, pastel green and so on, let it be a mix of greens and white or off white to give the impact.

Non bloom trends (Ferns & Foliage).
Besides flowers, non bloom trends like the ferns, foliage, nuts, vineyards are used as a decor for outdoor and lawn weddings which will surely help one to connect with a different mood.

Rustic (Woods, Greens and so on)
I am sure it evolved in one of those outdoor or beaching weddings matching the beige sand with the jungle wooden trees or even the sky. Rustic crates, wooden logs, pop colours, greens, vintage props are some of the things used in the decor.

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