Trending Dishes for Weddings this 2020!

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Quickfire with Mr.Yogesh Gupta of Sar v Sri Known for their live counters, and food experience zone, definitely worth a read.

Whats going to Trend in 2020?

Organic salad, Exotic fruits, International cuisine, Fusion, Street food with a unique presentation.

Your food inventions in the wedding menu?

Kulfi Idly, Iyer Khowsuey, Indian Cold Stone, Jaali Dosai and Rasagolla Fizzz, etc

Latest trending live counters?

Paneer Shawarma Wraps, Live Station of Desserts/ Pastries

What are your most appreciated dishes at weddings?


Can you share some quirky dessert options that will trend this year?

Lemon Meringue, Sour Cream Blue Berry, BlackBerry Basil, Tender coconut walnut brownie.

Trending DIY BAR? Soup, Salad Bar and Desserts Street food, international cuisine?

1) American
2) Ethiopian
3) South African
4) Burmese

You have a great knowledge across the various cuisines, what could be trending in 2020-2021 at weddings?

With weddings slated to become smaller, there will be a lot of attention to detail and focus on the quality of Indian cuisines and the variety of authentic international cuisines.

Having interacted with all the experts, generally, the overall feedback is that everybody wants to go the healthy route and the eco friendly way, looks like the world is coming to a cycle. This reminds us, also we are pretty proud of the fact to say this.

Being in Tamil Nadu as a part of the tradition the Tamil culture has opted the most eco friendly way! We have seen enough round tables, enough buffets, enough layouts and different live counters.

Centuries dated, we used to sit on the ground and use banana leaf as the plate, and eat with our hand, there is a lot of medicinal values in it, and its scientifically proven, sitting down is healthy, well that can be ignored in weddings, but bringing back those forgotten healthy foods like ragi, millets etc are the in thing.

The world is currently leading to an intimate format, at least for the next 1 to 2 years we believe weddings will be more curated to cater to every guests needs and its only getting special.

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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