The Cocktail Experience

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Lets make a night to remember, All night long.

A cocktail can just be a cocktail, or it can be an experience. If you break down all the elements of a welcome drink, you have the recipe, the glass, the tray the drink is served on, the cocktail napkin that is served with the drink, what the server is wearing when he/she serves the cocktail and then, of course, the final touch that makes the drink more personal such as a fun drink stirrer or a pretty bloom. Thats six different details we think through just for the drink guests receive when they arrive at our events , Beth Helmstetter

Alright, we Just read details about how a drink to be served, now lets see what drink to be served

We have Mr. Nalla a very experienced mixologist and has his own bartending institute in Chennai, for a few cocktail tips. One of the questions we are constantly asked is the percentage of breakage of liquor required.

Based on the experience Mr.Nalla suggests the following.

Whisky 30%, White spirits 30 %, Wine 20 %, Beer 20%. However the number changes based on the place, guests and so on.

He says the best cocktail for your wedding depends on your pro bartender, however, some suggestions are spicy whiskey sour, cosmos, mojito, LIIT, Sex on the beach.

His suggestions for Lunch are Beers, White rum, Vodka, Wines for Sangrias, Sparkling wines/prosecco.

Sometime in Destination weddings, we run 24 hr BAR

Raja from Flair Monsters loves to make some showy, gimmicky molecular cocktails which would use your eyes to fool your mouth, My Favourite would be Classic Contemporaries with a twist in it.

For Summers Raja suggests you have to have subzero temperature cocktails like Mojitos, Tiki Cocktails, Moscow Mule, Twisted Gin Sour, Frozen Margaritas.

And for winters or hill stations his suggestion would have a little more dimension cocktails like Hot toddy, MLG, 3 dotS, Gingerbread hot Chocolate, Espresso Martini..which would help you to warm up or spike up.

Raja showcasing his signature crafts below.


A Potent Whisky Cocktail, SweetBitter with a balanced smoky kick and is Made like a Gun.


This healthy Chennaities drink with a keen note of Fig and secret Flair Monsters Master Liqueur? ?with Rum, is a tribute to all legendary bartenders.


This effervescently delightful drink will be your new goto cocktail made with rosemary infused Gin, fig marmalade and elderflower hint.


The Espresso Martini is an instant crowd-pleaser and combines two of our favourite things,? ?coffee with spirits.


This deadly, fun and infinitely strong iconic drinks were Complexed with our Principles of Molecular Mixology. Be careful! You might feel some heat!

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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