Let the Fun Begin!

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Let the Fun Begin!

Imagine theres no heaven, Its easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people livin for today ? , by The Legend John Lennon, arguably the best song in the world Imagine.

Imagine a world without Michael Jackson, Imagine a world without AR Rahman, Imagine a world without Prabhu Deva, Imagine a world without Hollywood or Bollywood, Imagine a world without Movies, Songs, Cricket, Football and so,

Now imagine your wedding festivities without entertainment? Do you get the message, get what we feel?

Yes, for the same reason Dr Siva Kumar Who is currently treating COVID19 patients in the UK flew in a 6 member Manchester based Reel Rhythms? ?tap dance troupe in 2018 mixing with a Bharatanatyam classical dance for the very first time In ITC Grand Chola for his daughters wedding.

One more instance I could recall from our clients was Mr.Suketu Mehta from Egypt, who flew in saxophonist Heshamsaxophonist, Hesham Tiba from Egypt to entertain the guests, a unique combination of saxophone and percussion at Intercontinental Resorts, Mahabalipuram.

One of the comments we heard from the guests during the show was, they were surprised to see cultural entertainers from another country, the fact remains that any form of entertainment is good for a wedding festivities but you need to rightly select the occasion.

Entertaining your guests has multiple ways, entertainment for welcoming the guests, entertainment during the event, entertainment in between sangeet, the bride and groom entry is a big entertainer these days, some entries will give you goosebumps for sure.

Fireworks have moved from diwali to all celebrations, electrically programmed fireworks, aerial shots are now replaced with dancing drones. These are some of the latest trends.

Now lets talk about things that make us break a sweat and shake our legs.

Entertainment by Marriage Colours.

If you think that decor is our favourite section, this one is probably the second most important, Oh no there is Food and Beverage, oh wait.. There is still wedding planning...and the list goes on...

On a similar note, you might fix great artists, great entertainers but most importantly you should never forget the cornerstones of your entertainment, the DJ and EMCEE, Just for 2 reasons, EMCEE is going to hold the show together and the DJ is the last man standing at your after parties.

Let's Roll!

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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