Food Delicacy in Weddings

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Food Delicacy in Weddings

Featuring Mr. Sampath Gupta of Mamtha Caterers.

If you can enjoy your tea without sugar, coffee without milk, wine without cheese, a filled belly without a dessert, we recommend this blog is not for you

If you are a wedding connoisseur and dreaming of the wedding of a lifetime, you need to innovate, excel and introduce yourself at the kitchen. When we design a wedding, we share the overall look & feel with our chefs as much as possible. We talk through our ideas for food presentation, floral accents and even down to how the servers will be dressed when they serve the meal. That said, we very much believe in allowing chefs the room they need to create their art.

Once we have shared our suggestions, we ask for the Chef to collaborate with us on concepts that will work, ones that wont and others we can revamp an effort to support his/her success as well as compliment our overall design. Feels Beth Helmstetter .

In a similar context in 2019, Mr.Sampath Gupta from Mamtha catering If you have a pool of caterer choices he be on top of your list, was very particular about the layouts and the decor that goes in his region and also the details and colours, we were wondering what the secret was but once the lights were on, the colours of decor and the food blended well, it was even more interactive and indulging.

If you are planning your wedding in the coming session or next, these are the expert tips to be followed, Mr Sampath Gupta says.

  • Dont miss the trends in molecular gastronomy, mixing healthier options in food also does not impact the taste like adding coconut jaggery. Also suggesting a Special quarantine addition - Dalgona is the new matcha.

I dont know about you guys, but we are waiting to gate crash into one of their weddings , To try out the Dalgona theme on the menu

You know the one thing that excites Team Marriage Colours is Food, some of our designers were curious about the mixing of multiple cuisines, Mr.Sampath Says.

  • Fusion food is a great crowd pleaser even in big events/ weddings. Indo Chinese is a no brainer, but Indo Thai, South Indian ,Lebanese or even Indo ,Italian are some great options.

South Indian Lebanese, interesting suggestion.

You know we always crave for various food across the world, particularly for me we love Bunny chow, sometimes in the middle of the night we get those cravings, once it was 2 AM midnight I felt like having bunny chow from South Africa, after reading the response from Mr.Sampat we just got transported to SA.

Some suggestions? Every cuisine like India has some great options for street food. Be it Italian calzone, American hot dogs/ pretzels, African bunny chow, Middle eastern Kebabs/ Gyros or closer to home Mango sticky rice and ramen Sampath Says.

Being a designer we wanted to implement some decor trends in food, Mr.Sampath has the answer for the same Edible flowers are a great addition not only visually but also to bring new flavours to the dish. Their use is catching up with increasing awareness, availability and feasibility. For starters, using mallipoo jasmine is a great option and is also readily available.

So far so so so so so good with some of the tips for the families looking forward to innovating in wedding menus, finally he comes up with some quirky dessert options Fried Sandesh, Aloo Jalebi or Spinach halwa are some fun Indian dessert options. Flavoured or spiced cupcakes, black rice pancakes, charcoal ice cream or ice cream with fries are some other quirky options.

Charcoal ice cream or tandoori ice cream are our personal favourites, this sets a perfect tone for the wedding menu.

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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