Colours of Life

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Colours of Life

Be it pastel or white or red or black, colours are colours go full throttle in selecting your theme, if you believe in something, get it done, the only thing is to believe in your idea or theme, if not for Steve Jobs belief we wouldnt have got Mac or iPhones.

Each colour holds a different significance, from a Royal red themed Engagement, a yellow Marigold themed Wedding, a teal blue themed Mehendi. Colours always have their own way of infusing meaning to your event.

Blush pink is certainly touching hearts, our special guest, Cathrin, Event producer and stylist of CD Weddings from Margaret River Region, situated south west of Perth in Western Australia, known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounding wineries. Beaches and surf breaks line the nearby coast, whose waters host migratory whales Jun to Nov, It is a relaxing and scenic drive from Perth CBD, about 2.5 hours by car.

The Margaret River Wine Region is renowned world-over for producing some top notch, award winning wine. Its well known by Foodies over the world for the abundance of fresh produce, who travel here once a year for the Margaret River food festival. Some of the worlds best chefs have set up their little restaurants and often cater to wedding parties and any celebration.

Well well, such a beautiful description of the destination from Cathrin we almost travelled to Margaret river, well it sounds close to GOA to me, well it shouldnt be a bad comparison after all. And it got us deviated from the topic.

Where were we? Ohhh Blush pink Coming back to the colours.

One of Cathrins favourite decor for Tania and Sam had a certain kind of pink, Tania had this certain pink was chosen, which we matched to all aspects of the wedding. Letterpress stationery, the envelopes, oversized round menus which also were the seating cards and placemats. Tania and Sam had a sweetheart table all to themselves while they were eating. The cake table had a beautiful velvet tablecloth yes all in the same Pantone colour!

Coming back to other colours, yellow, orange, navy blue, pastels, blue were the colours we see often, or preferred by the clients, its not always we can get similar colours of flowers, most of the time we can match it with the linen, on the dinner table, on the walkways, ceilings where ever the impact zone is we can bring in the theme colours.

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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