Bride Groom Entries

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Bride Groom Entries

The moment of truth and the truth which sets the tone of each event with goosebumps is the bride and the grooms arrival, the Heroine and Hero or the Queen and the King - everybody around wants to get a glimpse of them, its always good to be special when they enter. Be it an elegant bride walking under a floral Chaddar with Din shagna da or an extravagant chariot with multiple dancers - the moment is always special.

Simplicity, beauty and class - the kind of bride and groom entries you will be seeing in 2020-2021, says Sumit Khetan, although he is a man behind much larger than life entries. Having worked with first-hand knowledge of his work ethic and dedication, he is probably the right choice to be featured here, lets hear him out.

How wild can be your imagination? His recent favourite is the one he curated in 2019 based on Ramayan, with a 20 feet tall bow, when the string has pulled the bride was revealed, then the history of smoke, pyros, dancers, festivities and what not? Again we are going back to the prelude Imagine and Imagination..

Here we would like to touch upon personal experience with Sumit, many months back it was a 50th birthday party Sumit and Team arrived in style, hired a studio, practised all night and the next day the practice was at the venue while the decor was still going on, Sumit demanded that he was to practice only on the stage, where the event was set to happen and also requested a truss, what went on the truss was a band or a ribbon, or you may even call it elastic.

The team was taken back - why would you need a truss to tie a band or rope? There were over 50 rehearsals to perfect, finally, we thought that was very innovative like Sumit says - A simple ribbon can also make a powerful impact if executed properly. This is the job of a Choreographer | Director.

The A-Listers :

Working with Shaadi in Vogue since 2016 and over multiple venues and events they bring in the right mix of entertainment to curate the events, some tips from Mr. Jai Raj Gupta & Ms. Vandana Bharadwaj.

One of the key points of discussions on hiring a music artist is well advised here Majority of the clients these days have started focusing on quality more than quantity and thats one of the reasons the focus has shifted to music artists more than a Bollywood celeb at a wedding. There is a bigger focus on artist collaborations and acts are being curated as per event themes (both main and ambience acts)

Some of the A listers we have worked with in the past are - The A list are: Neha KakkarR, Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Pritam, Mika, Kailash Kher .

MC : Neha Kkakkar and Kailash Kher Shows were a great hit in Chennai, we remember it was the event we have worked in the same project, the guests were unwinding during the Tikka ceremony and then the A-listers surprised the guests.
A-lister was Siddarth Mahadevan at ITC Grand Chola during 2018

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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