Bold is beautiful!

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Bold is beautiful!

Toni Breiss of LEVEL Wedding and Event Makers says colour will play an important role in the forthcoming season, the strong statement colour like burgundy, yellow and black with copper material will trend.

Christina Holt of Wedding Concepts, South Africa recommends Vibrant & bold or moody and monochrome colours.

Black and blue have made a strong comeback as well as bold, vibrant colours. Contrasting darker and moody shades have replaced the more traditional soft and neutral palettes. Bold is beautiful!

Marriage Colours: We have seen the shift in perspective from pastels to darker shades over the past 1 to 2 years, Bold is beautiful for 2020 2021 brides. We believe Red, Blue, Shades of Metal Copper, Gold, Steel, Aluminium, Black, Iron will be on the rise for 2020 2021.

Miracle Garden

Real flowers and lifesize installations around the universe call for the miracle garden. Pack your wedding with floral installations of animals, birds, trees, and anything for a miracle garden.

Fully Curated:

When you don a bespoke suit, you will instantly feel like a king amongst men, so for all the women your custom made gown or lehenga will make you feel no less than a queen. Well, the argument here is that weddings are curated ones, something that matches your personality and has a profound connection to your journey. Hence a Fully Curated trend is one that will forever stay close to your heart and speak volumes.

The Hanging Gardens:

You have a great walkway, a brilliant stage, as I always say that if Skys the limit for ones creativity, then lets reach for the skies. Giving fully populated ceiling hangings is currently trending, if you have a provision for roof hanging or draping or having 100s of lights in your venue just dont miss it. We had our little survey of over 100 guests, more than 85% felt that the ceiling hangings were magical and so innovative.

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A page form the marriage colours handbook World of Weddings Digital Book, click here to access

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