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How does it sound to read?

Well, Weddings can be exhausting with a lot of rituals and traditions. If there is one event we can have all for ourselves wherein no priest pulls you away from having fun. Then its got to be Sangeet. The night for yourself.

Sangeet is an event where you can go overboard on Decor that is larger than life, you can transform the place completely and take your guests on an enthralling journey that they will never forget. It is an event that will talk volumes.

1. Illuminate

When it comes to Decor themes, you can do a complete makeover with Lights. With a Grand LED backdrop, Trussing and Moving heads, the dance floor well lit. You can also plan for a personalised Audio Visual Content that can be played in the LED wall. This will be a sure shot success formula.

2. The Story Board

Another way is to completely personalize the decor based on your story as a couple. You can create a storyboard, from where you met, where the proposal happened, your favourite place to visit together etc. You can put all that together and create installations, placards if a coffee shop was your favourite place to go, you can even create a coffee shop like that and place that as a photo booth. The Decor is always about taking inspiration and turning it into reality.

3. The Ceiling effect

If you have a venue wherein you can do up the ceiling with hangings then don't miss that opportunity because the kind of impact it gives is second to none. We had a wonderful opportunity to do the ceiling with more than 10,000 paper butterflies that were suspended from the Top. The sight was truly magical.

4. Curved LED with a floral backdrop

Twist your guests by twisting the Backdrop a little bit. Unlike the conventional way, you can customize your backdrop so that its curved, adding ceiling hangings with some lights will just make it more fascinating! Add GRT curved backdrop, will send more relevant pics

5. Bon Voyage

All the 20th century foxes are travelers, love across seven seas, and love over the mountains, you name it and you got it here. This one is for all the travelers around.

6. Ice and Water

Something unique? Something stunning? Something to experience, bring in the 4D to the decor.

7. Its raining Origami

Lately catching up and its amazing for the photos, you can captivate your guests with masterpieces and artworks from the local artists, it is a great gesture of supporting the local community, just like the way you would be using the local flowers.

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