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There could be hundreds of rituals or thousands of customs, everything boils down to this. The dream day needs a decor of your dreams, it can be extravagant and huge or it can be simple and sophisticated, the matter of fact is, how do you want it?

A wedding is the ultimate reflection of the couple and their lifestyle Perfectly scripted by Beth Hemsletter,

India is a land of cultures, land of landscapes, you got the beach, you got the mountains, you got the palaces, you got the hotels, you got the convention centres, you got the ceremony halls, you got the lawns after all this you still got your culture, colours, styles and so on.

We are breaking up into Beach, Indoor, Contemporary, North Indian and South Indian. Well, this is not the end, but we got to stop somewhere

1. The Floral
Be it indoor or outdoor, the floral the sway of the way getting your mandap filled with flowers and lots of them, and these can be done both indoors and outdoors.

2. Paint it Pastel
This is a greater fit in the contemporary segment for outdoor or lawn weddings, drapes, contemporary flowers, keeping it simple and elegant.

3. Traditionally yours
Traditional mandaps are perfect fit be it indoor or outdoor, you can add a few local flavours in this for instance, locally sourced flowers can be used in this style.

4. Mystic floral
Be it traditional, contemporary, indoor or outdoor, this is all about having heavy floral on the ceiling, perfect photos during the rituals with the ceiling work.

5. The Royal Wedding
A wedding under a palatial setup, or a wedding in a palace itself.

6. The Amphitheatre
This is a perfect contemporary stage setup, mixing the cultural aspect with a classical amphitheatre set up.

7. Rustic & Greens
Keeping it rustic, adding the twigs, woods, roots and so on is a great option for outdoors.

8. Eco Friendly
Keeping it minimal, blending with nature, using the resources available is pretty eco friendly.

10. Traditional South Indian
The South Indian Mandap filled with garlands, flowers and lots of gold flavours, using local flowers and supporting the local community is also a way to show gesture during the wedding.

11. Temple of the King
This is how a wedding happens inside a temple, with the deities present at the back and the ceremony happens inside the temple structure.

12. From the Land of Chettinad
One of the famous themes is the Chettinad theme with Tulsi (holy basil) plants, chettinad pillars, old house doors, windows and seating area with chettinad style flooring. Chettinad is a region of southern India (Tamil Nadu), if you are doing a traditional wedding this is a great theme that can be followed.

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