Top Reception Themes!

Reception Themes of 2020

There is a Gold standard advice If you are planning for multiple events, always have a flagship event which most of your guests will attend, something that will make them awestruck in Wonder, a larger than life setup which is etched in everyones memory forever and more often than not, Reception turns out to be that? Flagship Event in Indian Weddings.

? 1. Reception Theme

Whimsical wonderland Transform your venue into a Magical land filled with Ceiling hangings, exotic flowers and some Vintage props placed tastefully on stage. This theme will never go wrong since you have combined all things Exotic!

2. Frozen

How about a Huge Ice sculpture as part of your Backdrop? Are you worried it will melt? Well, there are Ice sculptures that will be intact for 8-12 hours without melting. This theme is something that no one can ever forget!

3. Belle Epoque era

How about taking your guests to a Royal British or a Georgian Era filled with Victorian Windows, Chandeliers and Antique props?

4. Loto Cupola -(Lotus Dome)

Using huge structures filled with flowers, something that projects out and gives a larger than life appearance. When you plan your reception as the Flagship event, make it count! This Lotus Dome is one such Setup wherein we created a Cross-section of a Lotus and filled it with more than 50,000 real flowers!

5. Stargaze

If you are planning for an Outdoor Reception, then why make it a Sky Full of stars? With the night sky above, adding fairy lights to the ceiling will just elevate the atmosphere to a Magical world indeed.

6. Wonder wall

Having a backdrop filled with tens and thousands of flowers will never go out of trend. The impact it gives is second to none and also by using real flowers, we are always helping the ecosystem and keeping the chain intact.

7. Regal Gala

Reception doesnt necessarily have to be up on a stage with meet n greet. You can always plan for an informal meet n greet wherein the Couples move around and meet the guests. In such cases, you can plan for an English styled sit-down dinner theme for the guests, you can also plan for a head table where the Couples with the close circle can be seated.

8. Rustic overtones?

As we discussed earlier, Non-bloom trends and Use of rustic props, greens and foliage are on the rise. You can always opt for a fern wall with vintage props, pompous leaves hangings and create a Wild garden!

9. The See-thru Backdrop

If you are planning your reception outdoors with a beautiful natural background, we have to make the best use of it right? So how about a see-thru backdrop with Grills and Floral runners? You can get the best of both Worlds - The Natural scenic beauty and also an elegant backdrop.

10. The Grand Colosseum Garden

Wedding amid a floral colosseum, a gallery of flowers will witness the grand ceremony.

Add hari narayana backdrop, real coliseum inspiration along with the wooden structure

11. Magical Rainbow wave

The Backdrop of the rainbow with rainbow colours of flowers

12. Optical Illusion

If you want to do something creative why not create an optical illusion with the backdrop? Play with your guests eyes by doing a stencil cut geometric pattern backdrop!

13. Falling Water

Bringing in real-life elements as part of your decor never fails to give an impact. So how about having a real waterfall with greens and flowers blooming? The combination of water, the sound and the scenery will make your guests gape in wonder.

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