Things to do before you get married

As a newly engaged you might have a lot going on with planning the wedding. Choosing the wedding decor, planning what attire to wear, buying jewellery and so on may take most of your time. Take a break from that for a while. Quickly write down a bucket list to do before getting married. This will help curb those wedding jitters that creep in. Marriage is a long journey with millions of responsibilities. Try executing as much as possible from the list. So you can go into the marriage with no regrets. Consider some of the following for your bucket list.

Tie loose ends:

Got into a row with someone during your young years? This is the perfect time to patch things up. You may have a million friends but that one person you claim to be your enemy will bother you for the rest of your life. Try making things work with them. Give patching up a shot. At least you know that you have tried. Thank your parents for all those years of putting up with you. Through all those tantrums you threw during your teenage years. Create a good bond with all those you feel you let things ill at ease.

Travel alone:

You will be a couple for the rest of your life. So before entering into wedlock consider travelling solo for once. Go backpacking in an unknown land and rediscover yourself. Make new friends along your journey. This trip will top your list of most memorable experiences in your life. Travelling alone helps increase your confidence, changes your views on life and helps eliminate obscurity in tour decisions.

Have work experience:

You will feel more confident when you have work experience. Your first job not only boosts you but teaches you a lot that will help your marriage scale to better heights. Marriage is also like a job. So having work experience will help you while meeting your new family. Your etiquette will be showcased during those early days of marriage.

Get fit:

Work towards getting that fit body you have always wanted. You can get your adrenaline pumping by hitting the gym or doing zumba or swimming. Make a choice that would be most suitable and follow through. Keeping yourself fit is essential throughout life, but keeping fit before the wedding will give you profuse confidence.

Learn to cook:

You might be good at your job, but what would you do with no food. Every girl and guy must know at least a smidgen on cooking. Not just boiling water or making noodles, but to make an actual meal. Cooking must be learnt for means of survival. It is more fun than you think.

Go clubbing:

Shake your leg to the booming music when you go clubbing. Choose a Saturday night when you are free and take your friends with you. One crazy night partying with your pals will make a great bucket- list item.

Learn to socialize:

Sharpen your social skills before you get married. Staying aloof from social media or any other social groups might cause you to have a knotty marriage. Learn to talk to people. Making small talk is a skill that must be developed.

Live alone:

Show your independence by living alone. Earn and pay your own dues instead of living off your parents until your marriage and living off your husband after your marriage. Get a life for yourself. Convince your parents that you need your independence and get that place you can call your home.

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