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Lonavala is a Hill station in Maharashtra. Also known as the jewel of the Sahyadri Mountains. This Hill Station is also a popular Health Resort in the western ranges on the sahyadri,It Is situated at a height of 625 mtrs. above sea level and is a popular getaway from Mumbai and Pune. It also serves as a starting point for tourists interested in visiting the famous, ancient Buddhist rock cut caves of Bhaja and Karla, which are located near this hill station.


Lonavala is located in the western part of the state of Maharashtra, in India. It is situated 106 km southeast of Mumbai at an altitude of 625 m above sea level.


The weather in Lonavala is pleasant. Summers April to June are mild, while winters are cool November to February. It experiences heavy southwestern monsoon rains between June and September.

Visiting Time

The best time to visit Lonavala is between the months of October and May. It is advised not to visit Lonavala in the monsoon season between the months of June and September, as it experiences heavy rainfall during this time.

Places to See

Lonavala provides a panoramic view of the lush green surroundings of the Sahyadri ranges. The peaceful environs of the town, which provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city, attract tourists to this place. Travelers can take a walk along the waterfalls, the grassy abundance and hills in and around Lonavala. The mountainous terrain of Lonavala is ideal for trekking and hiking.


There are numerous lakes around Lonavala. Tugauli, Lonavala and Bhushi lakes are worth visiting, so is the Walwan Dam. The small hill station of Khandala is just 5 km away. Travelers coming from Mumbai pass through Khandala before reaching Lonavala. Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital is 2 km from Lonavala on the road to Karla and Bhaja caves. This center attracts both local and foreign tourists seeking yogic healing. This center was founded in 1924 and conducts various courses in Yoga along with a research center and a training college. Karla and Bhaja Caves, located in the hills at a distance of 11 km from Lonavala, are important places to visit. These rock,cut cave temples date back to 2nd century BC and are amongst the oldest and finest examples of Buddhist rock,cut temple art in India, belonging to the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. Adventure seekers can try their hand at rock climbing at the Duke. s Nose peak and other locations in the Karla hills, near Lonavala.

Travel Information


The nearest airport from Lonalvala in Pune, which is 64 km from Lonavala. Train, Lonavala is on the main railway line between Mumbai and Pune , all express trains plying between the two cities stop here.


The bus service between Lonavala and Pune is good 2 hours. However, the ride is rough and it takes 4 hours to reach Mumbai from Lonavala. Buses shuttle between Lonavala and Khandala 5 km from Lonavala, 15 minutes trip.

Where to Stay

The Proximity between Lonavala and Khandala gives tourists many options to stay. There are many hotels and Govt.guest houses that give accommodation to every type of budget travellers.

Destination Wedding in Lonavala

Lonavla is another small town in Maharashtra, the place is near Khandala and swamped with many premium and budget hotels and resorts to host your wedding. Place looks amazing during the rainy season and hosting your wedding in Lonavala will be an unforgettable moment for one and all. Reaching Lonavala is easy. You can take flight till Mumbai or Pune and reach there by cab or taxis.

Rhythm Resort, Lonavala

RHYTHM is an all,suite luxury resort in Lonavala. The property nestles between unabashed indulgence and a sense of oneness with nature amidst the imposing Sahyadri Mountains. Designed in traditional low,rise Asian,Colonial style, the luxury hotel is an epitome of elegance, providing the ultimate in style and comfort paired with tranquillity. The property has been built around a family of trees that are over 70 years old. Great care has been taken to ensure none of the trees were harmed during the construction of this luxury resort. This natural legacy is the ethos behind our tree of life logo and our efforts to reunite us with nature. The luxury 5 star resort has all the state of the art facilities to turn into a destination wedding or a conference centre with poise. Being situated in Lonavala, this wonderful luxury resort is located just 2 hours drive from Mumbai at Tungarli on the old MumbaiPune highway. The luxury hotel in Lonavala offers a premium collection of 84 beautifully appointed Cypress and Banyan Suites with an all,day cafe and restaurant, a lounge bar, a lagoon pool along with a separate childrens pool, activities area and a relaxing spa. All of these features make Rhythm one of the best resorts near Mumbai for sheer indulgence and relaxation.

The team at Rhythm takes great pride in the quality of service offered to guests. Be it the lip,smacking food or the personalized service by our dedicated staff, meticulous attention is paid on every detail to make sure guests have a memorable experience.

Distance from Airport , 69 KM
Travel time , 92 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 84
Deluxe , 42
Suites , 42
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parkin g, 80

Event Venues

Courtyard , 450 Pax
Banquet Hall , 500 Pax
Tree Treehouse Cafe , 80 Pax
Cedar Lounge , 150 Pax
Grand Oak , 500 Pax
Board Room , 28 Pax
Palms 1 , 75 Pax
Palms 2 , 50 Pax

Meritas Picaddle Resort, Lonavala

Meritas is a mid,tiered badge for hotels and resorts in the 3 and 4,star categories. It is a full service product with upmarket accommodation and service. To be a leader in the hospitality industry by providing enhanced services that are value for money, building relationships of goodwill and open career opportunities., Meritas has been established as a Hotel Management company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in the Lonavala market. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our properties, we have now established ourselves in Goa.

Distance from Airport , 70 KM
Travel time , 106 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 65
Deluxe , 60
Suites , 5
Restaurant , 4
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 60

Event Venues

Party Lawn , 500 Pax
Banquet Hall , 160 Pax
Admiral 1 , 45 Pax
Admiral 2 , 35 Pax
Senate 1 , 45 Pax
Senate 2 , 35 Pax
Rooftop The Terrace Area , 300 Pax
Board Room , 18 Pax

Della Resorts, Lonavala

Della Resorts is the brainchild of Mr Jimmy Mistry, an avid designer, hotelier and entrepreneur. Covering a sprawling area of 46 acres in Lonavala, Della Resorts is a Gen,Next hospitality destination and has already carved a niche for itself within the hospitality industry. A Five Star luxury Resort near Mumbai and Pune, Della Resorts offers a choice of four unique stay experiences with a total of 170 rooms.

Distance from Airport , 75 KM
Travel time , 110 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 170
Deluxe , 125
Suites , 25
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 5
Lounge and Bar , 2
Parking , 100

Event Venues

Resort Lawn , 1000 Pax
Mazda Banquet , 450 Pax
Yatha Hall , 150 Pax
Variyo Hall , 150 Pax
Ahoo Hall , 150 Pax

Dukes Retreat Resort, Lonavala

The Dukes Retreat at Lonavla is not more than a 15 minute picturesque drive away from Lonavala. The resort is a landmark located 1850 ft. above sea level. The Dukes is spread across 11 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, valley,view and the mesmerising Western Ghats. The property benefits from being set in the lap of the flora of the region and nestles amidst waterfalls, nature trails and winding forest paths.

Distance from Airport , 75 KM
Travel time , 105 Min
Category , 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 80
Deluxe , 54
Suites , 26
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 65

Event Venues

Banquet Hall , 500 Pax
Poolside , 200 Pax
Lawn , 1000 Pax

Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala

Upper Deck Resort welcomes you to pristine skies, with views of beautiful valleys and gigantic mountains. Our resort is situated at a height of 2500 feet above sea,level and is on the highest peak of Lonavala. Our beautiful property overlooks the Valvan Reservoir and the historic Rajmachi Fort. We have 58 elegantly furnished rooms offering breath,taking views of beautiful flora and majestic low flying clouds. These clouds make the resort look like its floating amidst the clouds If youre looking for rest and relaxation away from the harried life of the city, drive over to our resort. Where the skies unfold untold pleasures, where waterfalls of dreams flow on and on, where the mind and spirit is rejuvenated, a pristine getaway in the lap of nature. We have lovingly worked around the theme of peace and tranquillity to offer ample space to our guests to unwind and rejuvenate. You will love to unwind in the abundant outdoor lounging space, while reading a book or while marveling at the surrounding natural beauty. Our resort offers one of the best menus in Lonavala. Only the best ingredients and freshest vegetables are used in specially crafted dishes. We promise youd be spoilt for choice Upper Deck Resort is an ideal place for families, couples and corporates who wish for a personalized professional service. We promise you, that we will make your stay at Upper Deck Resort a memorable one.

Distance from Airport , 73 KM
Travel time , 107 Min
Category , 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 58
Deluxe , 29
Suites , 29
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 40

Event Venues

Windmill Hall , 150 Pax
LightHouse , 60 Pax
Nelson Hall , 120 Pax
Lawn , 750 Paz

Lagoona Resort, Lonavala

The Lagoona Resort is Indias first environmentally friendly resort in Lonavala. A man,made lagoon with eco,friendly entertainment activities is the highlight of this resort. The Lagoona Resort in Lonavala has committed itself towards providing the best products and services. We are constantly exceeding guest expectations, by employing the best possible environment,friendly methods and practices. The aim is to strike a strong bond with our esteemed guests and achieve the objectives of the resort.

Distance from Airport , 70 KM
Travel time , 97 Min
Category , 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 103
Deluxe , 85
Suites , 18
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 80

Event Venues

Big Lawn , 650 Pax
Small Lawn , 250 Pax
Emerald , 100 Pax
Oyster , 400 Pax
Pearl Hall , 35 Pax
Coral , 100 Pax
Saffron , 50 Pax

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, Aamby Valley

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, a luscious venue based in Pune, is perfect for the grande affair like your wedding. Equipped with world,class facilities, the venue is spacious and comfortable. They offer complete event support for all your nuptial ceremonies and events. With their class apart services, you are ensured that every experience with them is unique, every time. This venue is an ideal choice for your wedding as it can hold lavish as well as a simple and subtle wedding. Vibrant and progressive, Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa retains the warmth and spirit of India while offering spaces. The services go far above and beyond the conventional venue and catering staples. All these services would be customized according to your demands, needs, and budget.

Distance From Airport , 62 Km
Travel Time , 133 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 99
Deluxe , 89
Suites , 10
Swimming Pool , 1
Restaurant , 5
Lounge and Bar , 2
Parking , 100

Event Venues

Earth , 20 Pax
Water , 20 Pax
Wind , 20 Pax
Air Meeting Room , 110 Pax
Dance Studio , 50 Pax
Lawn , 200 Pax
Poolside , 50 Pax

Misty Meadows, Lonavala

Misty Meadows is nestled in the lush surroundings amidst the scenic hills of Lonavala, spread over 2 acres of lush green area, this unique resort is your own paradise. The resort is a tribute to the City of Lonavala. Misty Meadows makes you feel at home, besides just letting you experience a stay. This serene resort offers exotic stays, excellent food and much more within serene surroundings that are heart,winning for sure. So all those, looking to explore the serenity of a resort can easily count upon Misty Meadows its gone to surely add on to your overall experience. Strategically located next to Tata Lake at Lonavala Misty Meadows offers spectacular view, luxury, combined with exceptional service. Makes it an ideal place for recreation and rejuvenation, the resort offers every kind of modern facility that a man would demand today. This elegantly designed resort provides wide scope for all the travelers and vacationers to find refuge in its serene ambience. The food available at this resort is one of a kind that will serve to your taste buds until your senses are fully taken over. So, get ready to indulge. Proximity to Mumbai and Pune, the twin cities of Maharashtra ensures easy excellent infrastructure and easy accessibility.

Distance From Airport , 73 Km
Travel time , 104 Min
Category , 4 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 42
Deluxe , 37
Suites , 5
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 30

Event Venues

Banquet Hall , 200 Pax
Board Room 1 , 10 Pax
Board Room 2 , 30 Pax

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