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One of the popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is also referred to as the Princess of Hill stations. It is famous for beautiful mountains, scenic waterfalls and winding streams. Hundreds of tourists and nature lovers come to Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu was established in the year 1845 by the British and acted as a summer holiday retreat. The town is situated at an altitude of around 2,133 meters and is surrounded by the Parappar and Gundar Valleys. The town is located in the midst of the Western Ghats. The ideal time for making trips to Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu is between the months of October and March. The weather in these months is pleasant with little rainfall. The weather of Kodaikanal is mostly moderate with mild summers and cold winters. Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. The beautiful mountains and scenic beauty make the place really charming and beautiful. Tourists embark on sightseeing tours to various points of interest. Some of the popular sightseeing spots are,

  • Berijam Lake
  • Palani Hills
  • La Salette Church
  • Kodaikanal Golf Club
  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Bryant Park
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History

Kodaikanal is also an ideal place for undertaking trekking trips. Besides, tourists can also take part in the various fairs and cultural festivals.
There is a wide range of hotels in Kodaikanal which offer pleasant lodging facilities and services. The hotels are equipped with contemporary facilities. One can also visit the shopping hubs to buy a wide range of handicrafts and local artifacts.
Kodaikanal can be easily reached from various parts of the country. The nearest airports are located in the cities of Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore. The road network also connects Kodaikanal with other places like Madurai, Coimbatore, Ooty, Munnar and other places.

Destination Wedding in Kodaikanal

Now it is not just famous for honeymooning but making a perfect wedding destination. The hill station is also known as Kodai. Lying in the Palani hills of Western Ghats, the place is a complete delight for a summer destination wedding. Besides, sightseeing, cycling and leisure walks are also great to engage your wedding guests.

The Tamara Kodai

The Tamara Kodai provides a luxury, heritage experience unlike any other. More than 2,000 meters 6,500 ft above sea level is a picturesque luxury Kodaikanal hotel dating back to the 1840s. The building itself was originally called Baynes Bungalow owned by British District Judge, Mr. Baynes. One of the first few houses to be built in the region, Baynes Bungalow was sold to Father Louis Cyr in 1860, when it was renovated and reopened as La Providence. This stunning building was used as a rest house for priests of Nagapattinam And now, a century and a half later, by you.

Distance from Airport , 136 KM
Travel time , 193 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 53
Suites , 53
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 60

Event Venues,

Puliyan Hall , 200 Pax
Paliyan Hall , 60 Pax
Lawn , 120 Pax

The Carlton Kodai

The Carlton is the only 5,star hotel in Kodaikanal. Beautifully built with a ravishing design, this luxury hotel near Kodai Lake welcomes the guests to have a pleasing stay KODAIKANAL is presently one of the few remaining unspoiled hill resorts in the country covering an area of 22 Sq. Km. and at an altitude of 2,133 meters 7000 feet above sea level. The indigenous vegetation comprises. Sholas or compact evergreen forests and grasslands. Climate, The air is clean and the climate bracing at all times of the year. Never hot in Summer never cold in Winter. Being 10 degrees north of the Equator, snow is unknown, but ground frost may occur between December and February.

Distance from Airport , 141 KM
Travel time , 188 Min
Category , 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 91
Deluxe , 86
Suites , 5
Restaurant , 4
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 100

Event Venues,

Cumberland Hall , 125 Pax
Wellington Hall , 30 Pax
Silver Oak,Annexe,Terrace Gardens , 1200 Pax
Carlton Club , 100 Pax
Lower Lawn , 300 Pax

Hotel Kodai International

Located in the Lake Area area of Kodaikanal, Hotel Kodai International is an ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers. With the Moonjikal Bus Stop being at a distance of 400 m, the hotel provides easy and fast connectivity to the major transit points of Kodaikanal. Hotel Kodai International has been proving its excellent hospitality services to its guests by providing them with a pleasant stay experience.

Distance from Airport , 131 KM
Travel time , 180 Min
Category , 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 75
Deluxe , 70
Suites , 5
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 50

Event Venues,

Coakers Hall , 240 Pax
Main Lawn , 180 Pax
Bryant Hall , 120 Pax
Moier Hall , 50 Pax

Sterling Kodai Lake Resorts

Sterling Kodai Lake gives you a first hand opportunity to spend quality time at the star shaped Kodai lake which magnetically attracts tourists from far and wide destinations. The plush rooms, landscaped gardens and everything in between is designed to complement the English style villas that dot the quaint hill station.

Distance from Airport , 136 KM
Travel time , 188 Min
Category , 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 102
Deluxe , 90
Suites , 12
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 90

Event Venues,

Lawn , 100 Pax
Levinge s Room , 120 Pax

Great Trails Kodaikanal By GRT Hotels

Great Trails Kodaikanal by GRT Hotels is nestled amidst the lush valleys, in one of the most serene parts of Kodaikanal. Immerse yourself in a tranquil paradise away from the everyday bustle of cities, where time stands still, and the experience is pure indulgence. Disappear into the beauty of enthralling views of the exotic location the resort offers. The resort would set an adventurer s soul on fire, while it shines with all its gloriousness, what sets it apart is its rustic and rugged nature , from rocky stairs to steep slopes. Inspired by British style of wooden architecture, each element is tastefully designed and is a visual delight to the visitor right from the lobby. Distance from Airport , 138 KM
Travel time , 203 Min
Category , 4 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 40
Deluxe , 35
Suites , 5
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 30

Event Venues,

Kurinji 1 , 60 Pax
Kurinji 2 , 40
Amphitheatre , 80 Pax

Sterling Kodai Valley Resort

Sterling Kodai , Valley is away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Located in a village named Villpatti, the valley is surrounded by pine, oak, and birch trees. Sterling Kodai , Valley is a 108,roomed property that overlooks the valley below. The resort depicts an interesting architecture with a leafshaped accommodation block, a lotus,shaped business block, and an array of dome,shaped rooms. Every room has been designed to provide enthralling views. You will also enjoy hiking and trekking in the various nature trails around.

Distance from Airport , 125 Km
Travel Time , 168 Min
Category , 4 Star Deluxe
Total rooms , 108
Deluxe , 95
Suites , 13
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking , 100

Event Venues,

Begonia Hall , 380 Pax
Peach Hall , 60 Pax

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