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Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, and Paris of India, is the capital of Rajasthan state, India. Jaipur is worldwide famous for unique Architecture, Vastu, Astrology, Forts, Monuments, Palaces, Art and Craft, Culture and last but not least for unique Food. Heritage of the year 1727 is still alive in Jaipur which is the main attraction of the Jaipur tour. Jaipur is renowned on the international tourism map as one vertex of the Golden Triangle of Indian tourism. Many scripts and poems have been written on the beauty of Jaipur city by domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. Countless documentary movies have been made in Jaipur in the last 250 years. Main attractions of Jaipur tour are Amber fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Galta temple, Birla temple, Govind dev ji temple and Albert hall museum for sight,seeing. In addition to this, it is best to always check the schedules of fairs and festivals of Jaipur at the time of planning your Jaipur tour so that you can witness colorful fairs and festivals of Jaipur.


Jaipur was founded on 18th November 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a Kachawaha Rajput, who ruled from 1699,1744. Initially his capital was Amber now pronounced as Amer, lies at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II felt the need of shifting his capital city because of safety reasons as it was likely to be attacked by a Mughal King Bahadur Shah after the death of Aurangzeb. Ever,increasing population and growing scarcity of water also pushed him to set up a well planned city.


Jaipur Architecture is world wide famous because of its technical details and beauty. Jaipur Architecture is based on Indian Vastu concepts. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II , the founder of Jaipur was a great architect and astronomer. He also had a good knowledge of Indian Vastu. This is the reason that the architecture of Jaipur is a wonderful case study for the modern architects of the whole world.


Jaipur has a semi,arid climate. Temperatures vary here in different seasons. In the summer months of April to June, average daily temperature remains around 35 degree Calcius in Jaipur. May and June are the hottest months in Jaipur. Temperature reaches up to 40,45 degree Celsius in these months.
Annually the rainfall is concentrated in the monsoon months between June Last of June and September. It receives over 500 mm approx 20 inch of rainfall on average.


Jaipur is known as Heritage City because of its rich heritage culture, customs, traditions, fairs and festivals, civilization, and hundreds of years old forts and monuments. The glorious architecture of Jaipur the Pink City is renowned across the world. Wonderful Forts and Monuments garland the entire city in a planned manner.

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

The main concept behind a destination wedding Jaipur is to be amidst a rich cultural environment and heritage of India. Rajasthani folk music and dances, traditional cuisines, the colourful clothes and fabrics, palaces and heritage sites mark Jaipur as a distinct destination for something as spectacular as a wedding. With people from across the world visiting Jaipur and the many gems it is home to, the number of resorts, 4 and 5,star hotels has also increased. Another distinct factor that makes Jaipur a sought,after wedding destination is the easy connectivity from different cities and accessibility within the city. With all major airlines offering multiple flights to and from Jaipur and the road connectivity via buses, cars and taxis. wedding parties can easily plan their travels at their own convenience. And of course, the biggest concept behind a destination wedding in Jaipur is the rise in the conveniences in terms of vendors, decorators and caterers that offer the finest details in making a wedding, a successful and memorable one.

Raj Palace, Jaipur

The Raj Palace hotel is the oldest Palace of Jaipur, it was Built in 1727, and in 1996 Princess Jayendra Kumari converted into a luxurious hotel. It is situated on main Jaipur ,Delhi highway and being in middle of four heritage palaces of Jaipur Amer, Jaigarh Fort, Nahar Garh fort and the city palaces so it is very convenient to reach here, Raj palace has 50 luxurious rooms and suites which are inspired by Mughal architecture, The Maharajas Pavilion, the Darbar Mahal, The Swapna Mahal and the historical rooms have all bits and pieces of history of Maharajas suitable for royal destination wedding.

Distance from Airport . 16 KM
Travel time . 37 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 50
Deluxe . 12
Suites . 38
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Baithak Mahal . 150 Pax
Manoranjan . 30 Pax
Swapna Hall . 30 Pax
Royal Lounge . 1000 Pax
Shikarbadi . 40 Pax
Mehfil Mahal . 500 Pax
Diwan,E,Aam . 90 Pax
Diwan,E,Khaas . 60 Pax
Charbagh . 400 Pax
Maharani Bagh . 800 Pax
Moti Chowk . 120 Pax
Fountain Courtyard . 80 Pax
Shatranj Chowk . 100 Pax

Samode Palace, Jaipur

Samode Palace is 475 years old splendid Indo, Saracenic architecture luxurious hotel. Samode Palace is blessed with majestic royalty and contemporarily luxury. Royal and lavish suites, with mural paintings on the wall, weave heritage magic in itself. Flowers petals follow the guests everywhere. Samode Palace is the name of comfort and luxury for a wedding In Samode palace each royal suite has their own courtyard and a blend of modern luxury and traditional opulence with a magnificent view of Aravali mountain range. Samode Palace is an exclusive, discreet and luxurious palace between the Aravali mountain ranges. Samode palace provides services like European and Indian cuisine menu for royal wedding fireworks, sky lamps in the picturesque terrace, they give a tailor,made royal wedding experience for every wedding couple.

Distance from Airport . 54 KM
Travel time . 74 Min
Category . 4 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 43
Deluxe . 19
Suites . 24
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Darbar Terrace . 300 Pax
Darbar Hall . 200 Pax
Rooftop . 200 Pax
Poolside Lawn . 100 Pax

Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Taj Rambagh Palace is an iconic luxurious palace in Jaipur. The palace continues the royalty since 1835 and this is one of the heritage monuments of Jaipur, which was converted to the name after Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II.
A spectacular place for experience luxury destination weddings and keep yourself enthralled with rich and varied stories from the history of Royal Maharajas. Taj Rambagh palace provides a signature welcome to their guests, ladies dressed in Rajasthani colorful attire perform Aarti and tikka ceremonies followed by the music of Shehnai.

Distance from Airport . 9 KM
Travel time . 18 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 78
Deluxe . 45
Suites . 33
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 4
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Baradari . 30 Pax
Oriental Room . 130 Pax
Oriental Garden . 100 Pax
Panghat . 150 Pax
Ranthambhore Hall . 60 Pax
Ramgarh Hall . 150 Pax
Nahargarh Hall . 125 Pax
Jaigarh Hall . 450 Pax
Laksha Garden . 2000 Pax
Kesarbagh . 1000 Pax
Oriental Terrace . 40 Pax
Mubarak Mahal . 40 Pax

Oberoi Raj Vilas Palace, Jaipur

Experience ultimate royalty in your Jaipur destination wedding in Oberoi Raj Vilas palace a five,star luxury Palace in Jaipur. A majestic place to exchange your wedding vows, Oberoi Raj Vilas Palace has 71 luxury rooms and villas with extraordinary heritage interiors, Kohinoor suites with eye,catching views and private pools.
it spread over 36 Acres of an area with extremely beautiful landscaped gardens, trees, and fountains with crippling birds. Oberoi Raj Vilas Palace offers custom,made Rajwada style destination wedding and exotic destination wedding experience with their great hospitality.

Distance from Airport . 13 KM
Travel time . 30 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 71
Deluxe . 67
Suites . 4
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Conference Room . 40 Pax
Board Room . 30 Pax
Hall . 100 Pax
Courtyard . 150 Pax

Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Another luxury palace from Taj Group, Built,in 1975, 18 acres of splendid Mughal architect wedding venue in Jaipur on Indo, Saracenic architecture. Experience signature destination wedding in Jaipur with extremeness royalty of a real paradise on earth. Taj Jai Mahal Palace surrounded by water from each side offers venues like Celebration lawns, Durbar Hall, and fountains lawn, lotus pond, Palace Lawns, Poolside lawn for all the pre,wedding and postwedding ceremonies, Wedding receptions, with the capacity of 50,3000 wedding guests. Mughal architecture and glorious heritage of the palace gives you a unique destination wedding experience.

Distance from Airport . 13 KM
Travel time . 24 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 100
Deluxe . 94
Suites . 6
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 3
Cafe . 1
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Sir Hendleys . 200 Pax
Silver Oak 1 Boardroom . 12 Pax
Silver Oak 2 Boardroom . 12 Pax
Darbar Hall . 250 Pax
Palace Lawn , 3000 Pax
Lotus Pond . 150 Pax
Celebration Lawn . 150 Pax
Fountain Lawn . 500 Pax
Poolside Lawn . 500 Pax

Narain Niwas Palace, Jaipur

Another heritage palace wedding venue for the destination wedding in Jaipur, built in 1928 by General Amar Singh Ji. Narain Niwas Palace is the traditional Rajputana heritage hotel if you are seeking a Rajputana destination wedding Narain Niwas Palace is a remarkable choice and provides an unforgettable Rajasthani wedding experience. Narain Niwas offers 52 authentic Rajasthani rooms and suites and royal services like Royal wedding arrangements, camel, horse and elephant possession, royal vintage cars, folk dancers and singers, puppets shows, etc.

Distance from Airport . 9 KM
Travel time . 17 Min
Category . 4 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 37
Deluxe . 26
Suites . 11
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 60

Event Venues

Back lawn , 350 max
Side Lawn , 250 max
Poolside , 150 max

Shiv Vilas Resort, Jaipur

Royal heritage palace an elegant mixture of grandness and romance of the royal era. Offers finest luxury services for a dream destination wedding. Shiv Vilas palace provides 96 rooms with unique regal architecture. Fit for the royal destination wedding as it is situated on Delhi, Jaipur highway. Shiv Vilas provides, Presidential Ballroom, Chancery Hall, Chancellor hall, Helipad lawn, Main polo lawn provides sufficient luxury services for royal theme palace weddings with the amazing view of Aravali mountain range.

Distance from Airport . 31 KM
Travel time . 46 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 96
Deluxe . 64
Suites . 32
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 4
Lounge and Bar , 2
Parking . 100

Event Venues

Helipad . 100 Pax
Poolside . 100 Pax
Mini Polo Ground . 1000 Pax
Front Lawn . 1000 Pax
Polo Ground . 5000 Pax
Presidential Ballroom . 400 Pax
Chancery Meeting Room . 100 Pax
Chancellor Meeting Room . 20 Pax
Conference Room . 24 Pax

Chomu Palace, Jaipur

300 years old glorious palace hotel for the luxurious royal destination wedding. Feel the royalty and abundant luxury in Chomu Palace. If you want to experience a Royal palace destination wedding, with grand mysterious stories of Emperors and their kingdom come to Chomu Palace and plan a destination wedding in Jaipur.

Chomu palace offers Palace suites, Royal Suites, Historic suites and Maharani suites for wedding guests. If you believe that a wedding is a celebration for life then Chomu Palace provides Pre,wedding and postwedding services to celebrate royal and luxury destination weddings.

Distance from Airport . 46 KM
Travel time . 66 Min
Category . 5 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 58
Suites . 58
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 2
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 75

Event Venues

Meeting Room . 30 Pax
Main Courtyard . 700 Pax
Darbar Hall . 100 Pax
Manohar Garden . 1000 Pax
Swimming Pool Baradari . 200 Pax
Janana Courtyard . 40 Pax
Moti Mahal . 700 Pax
Sheesh Mahal . 100 Pax

Bissau Palace, Jaipur

Rajwada palace wedding venue for the grand destination wedding. Go back to the 17th,century royal era and feel the rich luxury, with Bissau Palace, royal portraits, old silver armory, royal lounge and old library, also they offer modern facilities like swimming pool venue, open courtyard, Haweli structure building. A fairytale wedding in Bissau palace feels like a thrilling start of the wedding journey, with amazing wedding services provided by Bissau palace.

Distance from Airport . 14 KM
Travel time . 29 Min
Category . 3 Star Deluxe
Total rooms . 51
Deluxe . 51
Swimming pool , 1
Restaurant , 2
Cafe . 1
Lounge and Bar , 1
Parking . 50

Event Venues

Banquet Hall . 1800 Pax
Outdoor Lawn . 900 Pax

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