A Pleasant Reverie with Beth Helmstetter

A Pleasant Reverie with Beth Helmstetter

A Pleasant Reverie with Beth Helmstetter

Hear what one of the Leading Wedding Planners in the World has to say about Weddings!

A wedding is the ultimate reflection on the couple and their lifestyle. If the couple is socially conscious and living a sustainable lifestyle is a priority to them, then it only makes sense that sustainability be a priority on their wedding day. Sustainable practices can be as simply as eliminating paper products or as involved as serving a plant based menu to reduce their environmental footprint overall. Couples can consider elements such as potted herbs, blooms or plants in lieu of cut flowers for decor and get guests on board by giving each a plant to take home after the wedding. While creating a sustainable wedding takes a bit more effort, it can be just as beautiful and well executed as a traditional wedding and ultimately is a perfect way to create a celebration thats more reflective of the couple overall.

Whats the key to selecting a good design? Whats the underlying thread in your signature designs?

Good design happens when every detail is thought through with intention and the end guest experience is made a priority. We think through every detail throughout the day and how it will be presented, executed and ultimately received. For example, a cocktail can be just a cocktail, or it can be an experience. If you break down all of the elements of a welcome drink, you have the recipe, the glass, the tray the drink is served on, the cocktail napkin that is served with the drink, what the server is wearing when he/she serves the cocktail and then, of course, the final touch that makes the drink more personal such as a fun drink stirrer or a pretty bloom. Thats six different details we think through just for the drink guests receive when they arrive at our events. We have a simpler attention to detail with every other guest touch point throughout the entire day. Wedding design isnt just about creating a pretty ceremony and dinner table. Its about using every opportunity throughout the day to show the couples personality in a cohesive and intentional way.

Whats going to be the Colour of the year?

For weddings...whites and greens. White and green are the colors of every year when it comes to weddings. Sure another color might make a cameo every so often, but whether you are working with a timeless couple or a more modern couple, neutrals and the colors you see in nature will always reign.

Will pastels continue to hold sway?

Pastels communicate romance and as long as there are weddings, there will be couples drawn to creating a romantic aesthetic for their day. We work hard to strike a balance between whats traditionally considered to be feminine and masculine design, so we love having the opportunity to work with couples who steer clear of blush pink, lavender and so on, but even as trends evolve and change, those hopeless romantics with a love for soft colors will never fully disappear.

What according to you is going to be the Most trending Decor theme in

So many couples have a spiritual draw to nature or simply love being outdoors, but they dont love the assumption that they have to have an organic, rustic or even natural wedding just because they are outside. More so than ever, I think we will see couples embrace the juxtaposition of creating a refined, sophisticated and even design in the outdoor venues where we have traditionally always see wood tables, wildflowers and similar design decisions.

Do you think there will be a shift in paradigm when it comes to choosing
Destination post the Covid-19 era?

I think we will see couples opting to stay closer to home or their family for a brief period of time. I think multi-day destination weddings will still remain popular but they will be held in nearby towns or regions that are within driving distance for most of the guests, rather than asking people to board long flights to reach the wedding destination.

What is the Vision of a 2020 Couple going to be like?

Most couples this year are focusing on creating a hospitable environment that feels safe, comfortable and celebratory for their guests. With so much uncertainty in the world, couples are reprioritizing and focusing on ways to make guests feel honored. Most couples have one or more people on their guest list with immune deficiencies or who is being financially impacted by the current situation. Because of this, I think we will see beautiful but subtle designs that are nt flamboyant in locations that are easy to get to for their guests.

What is going to be the Key Destination for Weddings in the World this

The Key Destination for weddings this year will depend on where the couple is located. A New York couple will likely choose somewhere like the Hamptons, while an LA couple will most likely marry in Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach. If based in Paris, the French Countryside is likely to be a great option. Ultimately I think we will see couples planning weddings much closer to home but still far enough away to enjoy a destination wedding experience.

Food presentation & Floral Decor go hand in hand. What is the key in
making it a feast to both the eyes & the taste buds?

When we design, we share the overall look and feel with our chefs as much as possible. We talk through our ideas for food presentation, floral accents and even down to how the servers will be dressed when they serve the meal. That said, we very much believe in allowing chefs the room they need to create their art. Once we have shared our suggestions, we ask for the Chef to collaborate with us on concepts that will work, ones that wont and others we can revamp in effort to support his/her success as well as compliment our overall design.

In the aftermath of Covid19, with shrinking budgets, is it possible to do
wedding decor within a budget and still make a positive impact?

Its always possible to be more resourceful with design and decor. Remember good design is about intention and intimacy and not about flamboyance. Its possible to do both, but definitely not necessary. The best weddings we have ever created have been ones where guests felt honored and thought of rather than those weddings with a six figure design budget. Creating an intimate experience do not require spending a million dollars. It simply requires paying attention to the details.

What is going to be the trending Honeymoon Destination for the 2020
Newly weds?

I think we will see couples opting for more Mini-moons than we have seen in the past. Couples will likely choose meaningful destinations within driving distance of their home for a short getaway and postpone their big honeymoons for 2021.

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Conducting is a wedding is a mammoth job. Ask those who have done it. We at MC, endeavor to share our thoughts and experiences to make your wedding better and memorable. We welcome you to join in the discussion.

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