Wedding Return Gifts for guests

Wedding not only connects two hearts but two families and lot of guest. And goes without saying the people who are most important in wedding are guest be it from groom or bride side. When we plan for wedding everything is so perfectly arranged be it decoration, catering or shopping but one thing where we get stuck and confused is what to buy as wedding return gifts for guest. As rightly said "Athithi Devo Bhavah". In Indian wedding pleasing the guest plays an important and vital role and these wedding return gifts is a gesture to thank guest to be part of wedding by taking out there valuable time. Since ages we have tendency to gift sweet boxes, coconut or small token as gift. But now time has changed and so has the market range which has launched with huge variety of return gifts for wedding. There are lot of varieties with mixture of tradition and fancy return gift in market. Present time people want to give return gifts in style and in unique ways. This made the market of return gifts with vivid range of exciting tokens, as it these wedding return gift not only shows token of thanks but also as a status symbol which guest remembers forever. Return gift comes for all occasion not only for marriage but also baby shower, engagement, birthdays and anniversaries too. You can pick and choose them according to your budget, occasion and closeness with the guest. There are plenty of online websites doing Wedding return gift business which has made things easy as these are time saving and gives you variety at one stop. Lot of people offers discounts as well as bulk concession for customer satisfaction. The prime choice of people in conferring high quality of wedding return gifts includes white metal gifts, silver plated as well as gold plated with the name of bride and groom engraved in it. There are other varieties of pocket friendly wedding return gifts that includes Eco friendly gifts like hand woven jute baskets, wooden table clock, Vaastu and feng shui items, God idols , Perfumed candles, small jewellery or gift boxes, handmade bags, chocolates , decorated pots, trays , photo frames and last but not the least silver coins. Everyone loves surprises and gifts be it any age or occasion specially when it comes to marriage guest feels honoured and delighted with these wedding return gifts. As these is a small way to make them feel special to be a part of host biggest day.

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