Wedding In A Budget!

Every wedding has a budget be it rich or poor. But sticking to that budget is the impossible task of them all. As it is it is hard for the bride and groom to sacrifice a dream wedding but having that dream wedding in a budget seems harsh. But here are some tips that will help you save some pennies here and there.

Wedding attire
Wedding attire to every bride and groom is THE most important aspect in a wedding as it makes them feel good and look good. But, having said that, spending a fortune on a ridiculous looking lehenga or a suit does not cut it for us. The bride and the groom might never wear their wedding clothes ever gain. Like never! So choose wisely and get some die hard classics to cherish it yet wear it occasionally. If you are a designer buff, you should definitely tell your designer to make something grand and wedding worthy yet wearable and beautiful. The groom must definitely invest on a well-tailored suit. But sometimes they go overboard by either splurging on an overpriced suit or a "never to be worn again" suit that looks like something that only kings in the 12th century wore! SO please take time in choosing what you want to wear during your wedding. Keep it simple. Keep it stylish!
Hair and Make-up
To all the brides and to-be brides reading this, hair and make-up are your second important aspect in the wedding bible. As much as it make you look ravishing on your wedding day, make sure you don't spend a lifetime's savings on this. If you are hiring an artist to do your make-up, ask him/her to do a trial round on you before the wedding. This will enable you to decide if they are worth the money. If you want to use your own make-up, all you have to do is mention it to the artist. If you are specially buying make-up for your wedding, make sure you buy what is necessary and things that you will use even after the wedding. Be it mascara, blush or lip-stick; buy them if you would use them regularly. Also, buy your make-up after you decide upon your wedding dress. This will allow you to choose and match easily.
Indian weddings are so bent upon jewellery and the amount of gold exhibited on the bride that they forget the actual beauty and respect for it. If you are investing on jewels, go for it. But do not buy designs that will out date itself in a couple of years.
Find some classics that you can pass on to your daughters and sons and buy some pieces that are trendy. Sometimes the best jewellery you can find is in your grandma's trunk!
Some more tips,
1. Buying shoes last minute never helps. You always end up spending more than what you would if you buy them earlier. DO not settle for some jazzy gold slippers. Buy it if you really like them and if you would re-use them.
2. Invitations can be a challenge. Design your invitations to add a personal touch instead of going for pre-done templates.
3. Get good photographers but not the exorbitant ones. We love the fact that it is an art and has no price tag, but the wedding has a price tag, doesn't it?

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