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Year: 2015

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Wedding Vows

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Informed research led to the creation of Wedding Vows Magazine back in 2011, which entered into the market as a pioneer in creating the niche category of being the first ‘Wedding Lifestyle Magazine.’ The magazine is a monthly publication, and through strong tie-ups around the country, the circulation of the magazine has grown vastly. Wedding Vows is also in-flight magazine partner to Sri Lankan Airlines, and flies internationally with 77 business class flights of the airline, which has increased visibility and readership of the magazine both in India and outside the country. The USP of Wedding Vows is its commitment to weddings as a lifestyle, bringing quality content and visual genius for the readers along with an investment in storytelling that puts weddings at the center of Indian culture- all guided by a selective, optimistic editorial eye - with innovation and creativity at its core. With an illustrious panel of experts onboard from the fields of fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle, Wedding Vows’ philosophy is to give our readers the best quality of information and entertainment in every page, covering all the various aspects of weddings. Wedding Vows magazine has become an indispensible asset for every Indian bride and groom along with their friends and families, -before, during and even after the wedding day.