Tips to keep your marriage fresh

Relationships have ups and downs in the journey of life. Many fear that the spark during the wedding will fade after marriage. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage you will have to work to make your relationship a successful one. Falling in love before getting married is the easiest part. The love is breezy and you feel there is nothing in the world that will change that feeling. If you don't follow the following tips that feeling will fade and your relationship will be in hot waters.

Improve Yourself:

From time to time do something for yourself. Engage in activities and hobbies that make you happy. Take separate trips to have the feeling of independence. Go on vacations with friends to create the miss you feeling and help rekindle your spark. Evaluate yourself. Don't dwell on the past, but capture the essence of the present. Work towards making yourself a better person. If you have been a pessimist try becoming an optimist. You turning into a new leaf might scale up your relationship just that ounce it needs.

Fight then and there:

Never put your fights on hold. Compressing your anger may cause an outburst someday in the future. It is not healthy to hold grudges against anyone let alone your partner for that matter. Whatever issues you two are undergoing learn to sort things then and there. This will cause your relationship to stay healthier.

Learn to forgive:

There might be a million things that make you angry, but not as deep as the one that your partner gets you into. Learn to forgive and forget however hard the situation in hand may be. When you forgive the easier it gets for your partner to forgive you in another bad situation.

Say 'I Love you' often:

Those days when the love was immense and the words 'I love you' just weren't enough to express your boundless love should never be gone. Everybody loves to hear those three words any time of the day. Only when 'I love you' is said will it be possible to know that you have someone who loves you.

Praise them:

Any kind of accomplishment is worthy of a praise. Be sure to show your support by praising your partner on any accomplishment. If possible make a big deal out of it by going out and celebrating. Those small praises can help make them feel good about themselves and amplify your relationship.

Equality is the key:

Equality is the key to a stronger relationship. However the earning arrangement may be with the husband working or the wife working or both, the key to a successful marriage is equality. Don't underestimate each other's work. Both you work may be poles apart but have an understanding that all jobs are intricate and a lot of hard work goes into every job.

Open up:

Don't bottle up your feelings. If you have something to say don't think twice to share with your partner. Staying detached and aloof from conversations may cause the spark between you two to fade away gradually. Be open with your ideas, share your problems and seek advice. Sometimes their love and support might take you by surprise.

Be friends forever:

Every romantic relationship must have an in-built friendship. See your partner like your best friend and a human diary. Communicate like friends do so that you can converse about anything. Your understanding of each other is absolutely essential. Be there when they are on cloud nine, be there when they are ill and be there when they are gloomy. Only then will your relationship stay strong and grow.

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