The Picture Perfect Wedding

Indian weddings extend to at least three days of non-stop fun and frolic. There is so much excitement that families and friends tend to get lost in the moment. Zealous young photographers are hired to capture the emotional and intimate moments throughout the wedding. With the bride and groom in the limelight, the photographer must capture the entire experience of the wedding, anxious anticipation of the bride, the enthusiasms of the relatives, a stolen moment shared by the couple, the exchange of smiles during the ring exchange and so on. The photographers click from the engagement, mehendi, sangeet pre- and post- wedding shoots to the cocktail party, wedding and reception and compile these pictures in a customised album. The wedding album captures the magic with pictures and every moment is beautifully and creatively frozen.

Choose the perfect wedding photographer:

The wedding photographers play a vital role in clicking from the engagement, mehendi, sangeet pre- and post- wedding shoots to the cocktail party, wedding and reception. It is important to hire a wedding photographer with more experience. Make sure to see some of their work before you hire them as your wedding photographers. You can hire different photographers for your different events. Choose a wedding photographer who is charming and who gets along well. Get an idea of the prices they generally charge from others who have experienced their services.

Pre-wedding shoots:

Wedding photography has taken a turn for the better these days. Capturing intimate moments during the courtship period is what is trending this wedding season. Couples have started hiring a professional candid photographer to shoot in exotic locales. Pre-wedding photo shoots are essentially untailored and romantic. They help you feel at ease with your fiance and make a great practice session for the big day.

The professional candid photographer acts as a guide through the shoot. Creating a good rapport with the photographer can help them catch your style and your drift. Make sure to choose trousseau that are casual because your wedding album is going to be filled with you in traditional attire. The final photos after the in numerous rehashed edits divulges a star struck effect. These pre-wedding photos can also be used for quirky Save the Date cards to send to your close family and friends.

Save the date ideas:

Every couple are opting for an exclusive and offbeat save the date idea for the wedding. Caricature is becoming one such trail blazing option for a wedding invite. They are so quirky and also easy to make. Other couples that have a much lofty budget choose to make Save the Date cards from the pre- wedding shoots.

Save the Date Videos:

There is another trend that is taking the wedding Save the Date idea to a whole new level. Couples are now making small teasers for the wedding; almost like a film teaser starring the bride and groom. Many such teasers are taking the internet by storm. Be sure to make a wedding invite that goes viral as well! Here are some tips for an awe-inspiring save the date video. Choose a locale that is so irresistibly beautiful. If you have the budget you can shoot on an exotic locale. If your budget is steep don't worry there is the amazing country side. Shoot by the green farms in the villages. The cinematographer must know when the perfect natural lighting sets in for a perfect shoot. Do some researches before you choose what kind of video you are going to make. Script the video and make sure you choose a cute concept that makes every viewer go 'Aww'.

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