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Marriage Colours, is the chosen wedding planner for many weddings in Chennai for so many reasons. We do not like to miss anything in the 100% completion of the event, not even the smallest detail. Of course, Seer varisai for wedding is not a small detail. It is one of the most important aspects of any wedding.

An integral part of Indian wedding celebrations, the plates of seer varisai for wedding are always displayed in an eye-catching array to showcase the grandeur of the ceremony. A ritual that welcomes the groom into the family, the seer thattu is expected to capture attention.

At Marriage Colours, we specialise in nichayathartham seer plates. Our deep-rooted experience in wedding planning has equipped us with practical knowledge in procuring seer varisai for wedding, the seer thattu items and packing them in unique ways that will keep your guests talking for a very long time.

'Seer varisai plates' arrangement can be a demanding and tough responsibility if you are unsure of the items to be obtained and packed. Time-consuming, the nitty-gritty can seem like a humongous challenge to surmount if you have not allocated the right amount of planning and time.

At Marriage Colours, we make you a grand seer vairsai for wedding and also for engagement, valaikappu and other events. The seer varisai trays are prepared based on your expectation and budget. Whatever your budget our seer varisai solutions for you comes at all price ranges, with focus on timely delivery and materials of the highest quality.

The Seer varisai for wedding is an integral and unavoidable cultural tradition, which is required to be portray the grandness of the wedding. A lot of emphasis is placed in the decoration as also in the presentation of the Seer varisai.

Our wedding planning team has hands-on experience working independently to plan and arrange bespoke seer packs that will match your budget. Based on your inputs and preferences, we will ensure that your wedding seer thattu includes everything that you would need, from betel leaves to even clothes and other essential nichayathartham seer thattu items.

In any marriage in Tamilnadu, one of the most important things is the seer thattu. A lot of time and effort is put in the arrangement of the seer thattu. A few simple things like the plate having enough space to fit the item, even if we are going to cover the top with transparent glass paper, thereby enhancing the look of the thattu. We can do it all by ourselves, but it always pays to hire professionals like us, who have been doing this over and over.

Planning on the arrangement is done many weeks or even months before the event date. In the seer varisai for wedding arrangement, the placement of the products makes a lot of difference. A smaller seer varisai could be made to look much larger than it actually is, when the packaging is done properly. The size and shape of the plates and other containers could be in an order to produce an effect of everything being in order.

Different type of stuff could be packed in different kinds of containers, where invariably everything is open at the top and covered tightly in glass paper. Care is taken to aerate the fruits. Air tight packing of fruits and flowers will result in permanent damage in a short time. Double sided tape is used to ensure that they do not move around during transportation. Gold coloured packaging material provides much value to the seer varisai material.

Seer varisai for wedding is given in odd numbers like 7, 21, 31, 51, 101 plates. A larger wedding could have even more seer plates. The presentation of the seer varisai thattu connotes the welcoming of the groom as part of the bride's life. In the grand show of an elaborate elite wedding the seer varisai enhances the wedding show, since it is an indicator of the affluence of the family. We could add glitter and glamour, by using gold laced baskets, bejeweled baskets or such similar material that will provide your seer varisai a royal look.

Aesthetically mesmerising, our seer varisai for wedding abound in bling and ensure a rich display of colours. The concept designers at Marriage Colours creatively blend the traditional with contemporary packing techniques to create customised seer thattus. Unique ethnic designs and colours that lend a graceful and personalised touch to your wedding celebrations; our seer plate packages redefine traditional wedding opulence.

The seer varisai thattus mark the affluence of the family and enhance the mood of the wedding. Decorating the seer thattus require special skills on the part of the decorators and Marriage Colours is up to the task. For a detailed seer thattu planning and budget discussion and a grand seer varisai for wedding, get in touch with us today!

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