Return Gifts For Wedding Guests

Everything about weddings can be easily decided but the one thing that is extremely confusing and hard to find is the return gifts for the family and guests. This is a token of love and respect for the time they have taken to attend the wedding and bless the couple. In order to pay respect, the couple's family gives all the guests a return gift. Sometimes it becomes a cliche with gifts like 'kumkum box' or clocks or stainless steel plates and most of all pictures of god and goddesses. That is so last season!

Check out some useful yet different wedding return gifts.

1. Handmade clutches for Women
Handmade clutches are always a woman's favourite. It is elegant yet traditional and can be designed in all shapes and sizes and colours that can be coordinated with the wedding theme.
By ordering handmade clutches from a self-help group you will help the artists grow and develop their skills and market them effectively.
You can also imprint the couple's name inside the clutch so that the guests remember and cherish the wedding.
If you want to gift something more exclusive you can go for handmade umbrellas. They can be utilized as necessary and yet look stylish.

2. Designed or painted candles
Scented candles are the "in" thing now. They are stylish, known as stress busters, soothing and pretty for a memorable wedding return gift. You can either gift designed scented candles or painted candles which are handmade. Various flavours such as green apple, alpine, butterscotch, vanilla, or any of the couple's favourite flavours would add a personal touch to the return gifts.

3. Chocolate Potli
Chocolate potlis are an ethnic was of giving chocolates or sweets to your guests. They can be chocolates or sweets wrapped in a designed cloth, or wrapper, or pretty pouches.
But remember to choose chocolates or sweets that don't go bad easily or those that don't melt away in the wrapper.

4. Thamboolam Basket
Thamboolam baskets are the most usual return gifts in today's wedding ceremonies. However; they can be different if designed differently. Not only are they traditional but also satisfies the elderly guests.
Some other return gifts for your wedding guests can be handmade 'Thank you' card, wall clocks or a music cd or DVD with couple's favourite songs and their name printed on it.

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