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Engagement Party Decorations|Flower Decorations For Engagement

Engagement Party Decorations|Flower Decorations For Engagement

The engagement party decorations were initially installed at Pelican deck at Sheraton Grand, ECR, which is just a few kilometers from Kovalam.

Since, the weather took a downturn and started raining, the entire engagement decor was shifted indoors, in short time. The stage, the backdrops, the Golden Ganesha, the chairs and all were shifted indoors.

Did you know about the famous Nithyakalyana Perumal Temple at Thiruvidanthai, which is also a long walk away?

For successful engagement decorations, it is wise to seek the blessings of the Golden Ganesha and choose the auspicious theme for yourself.

It is an engagement decoration with the wide open sea in the background. You may not miss out on the floral coconut sprouts within coconut leaves designed to resemble mud pots.

The light green plantain leaves form a holy and auspicious backdrop, besides providing a pleasant green ambience in varying shades, to the scene.

The flower decorations for engagement is equally compensated with circular floral designs on green walls on either side, completes the ambience.

The rustic white garden cane chairs formally complete the engagement decors, providing a pleasant feel, with the overcast sky adding to the atmosphere.

Sheraton Grand is a good choice and Pelican deck is a good site for great engagement decorations. With the right ambience, with the silent sea as the backdrop and a pool by the side, overlooking the lawn grand flower decorations for engagement can be found arresting.