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Weddings in chennai are unique affairs with intricate detail and lavish design.Chennai weddings are incredibly beautiful occasions, with the wedding ceremonies being conducted against a gorgeous backdrop and lavish decor. Everything from the choice of wedding venue to the post-wedding transportation is designed to reflect opulence and tradition, mixed with a touch of modernity. Neatly crafted wedding decorations by professional decorators & few design aesthetics set the stage for a memorable chennai wedding. Inspired by neutral colors,couples want an elegant floral decor for their chennai wedding.Pops of green & neutral colors were chosen to give a finished and natural look to the floral and decor.Beautiful seasonal flowers in tall vases complimented the color theme. A beautifully designed stage sat centered among the room for the lovely couple, as well as for pictures with family and friends. The backdrop design was modern and elegant, just as the rest of the decor, and focused entirely on varied layers of chiffon and crystal accents. While all weddings include flowers, there is a difference in the flower arrangements for couples who want a traditional chennai wedding.Orange and yellow marigolds, sweet-smelling jasmine and roses, as well as fresh foliage were used to make the flower settings stand out in this chennai wedding. For couples who loved to have a 'desi' effect at their chennai wedding,earthern pots & hanging terracotta accents were used to provide a magnificent wedding decor. Beautiful drapes based on the color theme with proper lighting for the whole venue provided a perfect decor for a wonderful chennai wedding. Customed design madaps, theme pattern pillars & intricate floral filled patterns are the choice for a grand chennai wedding. So whats your choice of chennai wedding decor?See how we can help you capture and enjoy your big day for a lifetime. Send enquiry now or feel free to give us a call at 044-60909999.

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