Beautiful Buffet Catering vs. Stylish Sit Down Meals

Which Catering Service is right for Your Wedding?. Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous food.At your wedding reception, it is paramount that you provide your guests with the best possible dining experience. Should you go with the traditional sit down dinner, or would buffet catering better suit your particular reception party? Both the options have pros & cons. There are things to consider like the setting of the event and who will be attending. Ultimately, presentation plays a big role in your guest's satisfaction with their meal.If you want your reception party to reflect a more formal atmosphere, then a sit down meal will work better.Buffet catering on the other hand might imply a more laid back and casual vibe and will likely make guests feel more comfortable. The practicality of a buffet decreases as the guest list grows.But if you go the sit down dinner route, you will not have to worry about the space,number of guests & running out of food problems.A plated dinner eliminates wait times & provides a uniform experience for everyone. When doing a buffet its best to keep manned live station for all dishes.The advantage being able to serve fresh and quality food made to request.In a sit down dinner the food is already prepared & ready to be served.And also in a buffet catering,people choose what they want & quantity and so food getting wasted is considerably less.The decision to serve a sit down catering or buffet catering is yours to choose & decide based on the specific needs and preferences of your guests.

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