Cool Summer Wedding Themes

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor fun and excitement. It is also the ideal wedding season to make a vibrant statement with bold colors and unique styling. Add some style to your Summer Wedding with these chic summer wedding themes. Beach Weddings Weddings on the silky white-sand beach as the sun reflects off the undulating waters of the sea is one of the easiest summer wedding themes to pull off.Beach is the in thing this season. If your budget doesn't allow you to have a destination wedding on the picturesque beaches,try thinking of beach inspired colors and elements that speak of the beach and decorate your venue accordingly. For instance, sea shells,sand,stylish hand-fans,ice cream cones,kites & more. Flower Theme Summer is the season of lovely flowers.Choose your favorite flower or the one that is easily available and use it as your theme.There are plenty of options such as orchids, rose, lilies, sunflowers and more.Right from the wedding invitation to the stage decor & venue decorations have your favorite flower just in the center. Garden Party The ideal setting for this themed wedding is, of course, a garden or a spacious lawn. If you can't find a garden wedding venue create one! Bring in tons of live blooms;Have the flowerpots arranged in order;Small fountains around the venue will look great;Pastel colors are perfect for this theme.choose one of them; If arranging the wedding ceremony in a garden is difficult, choose to have your wedding reception in an outdoor lawn. Bold & Beautiful Summer is the season of bright colors.Choose colors like bold red,inspiring yellow,cool blue or go green.Include one bold color and just one or two accents for your entire wedding.Right from stage backdrops to hall decorations use the color of your choice to have a bright,cheerful wedding. Do you have a different theme for your summer wedding? Login now to let us know.

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