How to keep your wedding decor simple

Wedding decorations are no joke. They are one of the most important elements in making the wedding look good and in turn making the wedding photos look good even after ages.
Before you choose to go ahead with a wedding decorator, you need to decide for yourself the wedding theme. This makes it easier for you to brainstorm with your decorator about the look and feel of the decor at your wedding. Once the wedding theme is chosen, decide if you are going grand or keeping it simple and chic. In this article we help you with understanding the fact that simple is chic and affordable. Here are some pointers on why to keep it simple.
1. The simpler the decorations, the better it is for the bride and groom. The decorations will not over-shadow the couple, but compliment them.
2. Simple decor emphasizes on attention to detail. The smaller things that have been put into the decoration stands out. This way everything detail is noticed and appreciated.
3. Sometimes grand wedding decorations, if not planned well, become too clumsy. Too many colors, too many flowers, adding too much gold and mixing it with silver become a mess. This could be perceived as flashy than grand.
4. Hiring the right decorator is key. He/she doesn't have to be expensive or use fancy materials but be aware of the couple's idea and work it out within the budget.
5. Keep in mind, money disappears like air during a wedding, especially Indian. So keep check on the expenditure and plan accordingly with regards to decoration. Decide if its worth the money and if a grand decor is absolutely necessary.
6. Matching the stage background with the couples' attire is a bad idea. The colors mask together and there would be no difference between the attire and the background. You don't want to look like the background screens now, do you? Keep the background neutral or complimentary. If you like colors, make sure you use subtle complementary colors. For example, if you are wearing red, you could opt for beige, brown or mustard background.
7. Unlike Western weddings, Indian weddings are more colorful and bright. This definitely has to be emphasized in the right way. Usage of slight tints of bright colors to your decor will add brightness and keep the eel pleasant. For example, a splash of yellow or pink in the decorations will not only be a pop of color but also enhance the decorations even better.
8. Keeping it simple has never gone wrong. Simple is chic. Simple is classy. Simple is elegant. Simple is more. If you'd like your wedding to be simple yet chic, hope these tips helped your imagination.
Keep it SIMPLE!

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