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When it comes to any celebration first impressions matter. And what can be a better way to make a great first impression than ushering your guests in through a walkway that speaks for itself! The wedding walkway or entrance is obviously the first thing your guests are going to notice when they arrive and if you want to add a bit of something unique to match the surge of anticipation then the walkway sure is a great place to start. A wedding walkway will not only add a bit of personality to your wedding, but it will also serve as a guide for your wedding guests to find their way to your celebrations. This is especially needed at wedding venues that could be hosting multiple events on the same day.

There are many elements and ideas that you can look at to make your wedding entrance stand out. But here is our list of wedding walkway ideas that you can always consider. But do bear in mind that its always better to enlist the help of a good Chennai wedding planner to execute these ideas. Moreover, they will be better equipped to give you the right suggestions based on the venue, your budget and weather conditions, if you choose an outdoor or destination wedding.


They are colourful, vibrant and definitely a tad more exuberant than they usual elements people choose. Depending on the theme and the wedding venue you have chosen for your ceremony you can use traditional, decorated umbrellas on both sides of the path or you could also hang a mix of solid coloured umbrellas on the ceiling to create a snazzy roof.

Flowers Petals

While it can be cumbersome to scatter petals on the entire walkway, (especially if guests walk up and down a cemented floor it will be a nightmare for the cleaning team), you can have petals strewn on grassy paths and any outdoor wedding venue to add a bit of vibrancy and a whiff of flowers to your event.


Coloured lanterns are mesmerising, especially in outdoor weddings. If you are hosting an evening event choose beautiful lanterns that will add a soft glow to the entrance and also show your guests the way to your celebrations. You can either have them placed on the floor on both sides of the entryway or hang them on a creative, makeshift roof.

Fairy Lights

These are fairly common in every type of celebration. But depending on your wedding venue you can choose to have strands running across the ceiling or even a lighted archway that will add grandeur to your wedding entrance.

Flower Arrangements

Whether you put them in a vase, a nice bucket or tie them up to make a nice bouquet, you can choose any assortment of flowers to add some colour to a walkway. Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings and adding them to the entryway will make for a fragrant welcome. Do check around to find a good signature wedding planner with experience in creating unique floral arrangements.


You can even choose to make it grand with floral or creative arches at the entrance to your venue. If budget permits add an arch that goes all along the walkway and leads to the main entrance door. However, if that is a stretch then you can always ask your wedding planning team to make a grand arch near the doorway.

Overhead Decorations

For this you can choose anything, from fairy lights to umbrellas as mentioned earlier or even have flowers or ribbons to add some colour and exuberance to your wedding entryway decor.

Sweet Signs

From sweet one-liners to love quotes you choose from a range of options to add to the walkway to make it interesting for your guests. This will add an air of anticipation as your guests arrive and also give them a peek into your love story if you plan to share some secrets about your unique coupledom.


Paper can be anything from streamers to pinwheels to even large, eye-catching paper flowers. Make sure your wedding planner has a team that can glue up the most amazing paper creations to add a whimsical twist your wedding walkway.

Whatever you choose to go with, remember it is your day and making the decor unique and unforgettable and one that provides ample photo opportunity largely depends on the team you hire to manage your wedding planning and decoration. So, research before you zero in on a team that will match your ideas and your expectations.

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