Elaneer Payasam

Food and fun are the two things that are never ending in a marriage celebration! And nowadays, it has become a habit for people to just have fun and let someone else take care of the food for them. But the best feeling comes when the family gets together a day before the wedding and cooks together and have a feast in the bride or groom's home terrace!

So here is a special something for you try at home and share it during the happiest moments in your life. Eat in moderation!

Oh! You can ask your caterer to serve this after the muhurtham for we are sure not many people would have tasted it in a wedding!

The Elaneer Payasam - Coconut Kheer

Things you will need

  • Milk - 250ml
  • Tender Coconut - 1
  • Sugar - 1 Cup
  • Condensed milk - Optional

Preparation Method

Mix the tender coconut water and its pieces together and mash it up a little bit so that the pieces are still bite sized. Boil the milk and bring it down to half and cool it. Add some condensed milk if you may. Once the milk is thick and cooled down, add the tender coconut mixture and give it a stir. Refrigerate the payasam for a couple of hours before you serve. You can garnish it with some saffron and cashews if you are a fan!

Try this recipe and let us know how it turned out to be!

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