Dos and don'ts during the courtship period

From strangers to life partners may seem a bit daunting. Everyone wants to make that first impression the best one. Almost like a love at first sight kind of story is what an arranged marriage throws your way. Those first few moments will remain as memories for the rest of your life. The courtship period is when the bond dawns and makes the two hearts become one. Here are just a few tips to guide you on the dos and don'ts during your courtship period.

Be proud to be yourself:

The worst kind of relationship is the one that begins with a lie. Be who you are. Don't come into the relationship wearing a mask. It will soon wear off. Also communicate with your fiance. Share your likes and dislikes and be honest about them. The courtship period is the time you get to know a person. Being a closed book is not going to help at all. Keep an open mind and try to get to know one another.

The past is past:

Keep the past where it belongs, in the past. Don't come into the relationship with all your baggage. Also don't create a thwarting moment with your fiance by asking about their past and indulging in a deep unnecessary conversation on that. Talk about things that are happening now and that will happen in the future. The truth about pasts is bound to come out any time during your life. Keep it for an auspicious day in the future, just not during the courtship. Because you might not completely get to know your fiance and things will end even before it begins.

Fights are a must:

Fights make two people stronger in the relationship. Your love and bond will last longer when you fight. It might be something daft but it's ok to have those fights cause at the end you get to know something new about your significant other that you never knew. Your love will sink if not for those small and big fights that come your way during the course of your relationship. Accept them the way they are. Love them despite the differences.

Bond with their family and friends:

Don't look at it like making small talk, look at it like getting to know those who mean the world to your fiance. A successful marriage involves giving abundant respect to their family. A good bond with the family during the courtship will create a beautiful relationship for the future. Participate in family get-togethers and keep in touch with their parents. Become friends with their friends.

Give them space:

Building a relationship is like building a house of cards, make the wrong move and it will collapse. The biggest mistake you can make is smothering your fiance. Give them their space or the relationship will rupture. Making rules like I don't like you doing this and that will definitely do no good to your relationship. Respect their opinion and learn to accept them for who they are not who you want them to be.

Communicate your dreams:

Marriages may be made in heaven, but they last because of the effort that goes into making things work. Communicate your passion and your dreams with your fiance. It is important to respect their dreams and it must be in your mind to make them come true. See how compatible your interests are. Your compatibility might take you by surprise if you enter with an open mind. Initially your ideas and opinions might seem extremely contraire; soon you will share the same dream and will work towards making those dreams a reality.

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