destination wedding at intercontinental resorts mahabalipuram

Intercontinental resorts Mahabalipuram is one of the best resorts in Chennai ECR. We have conducted numerous weddings at the Intercontinental Mahabalipuram, both as a decorator and as a destination wedding planner.

Most of the five star resorts in Chennai are ideal for conducting a destination wedding. In terms of rooms, the facilities, the service are all excellent.

As far as the Intercontinental Hotel is concerned, based on our past experience, there is a distinct possibility that you will fall in love with the resort. For a wedding, there are very good photo op opportunities all around the resort.

Right from the entrance till the beach, you just keep clicking on. This is especially a good thing for couple photoshoot. Whether it be a pre-wedding photoshoot, or a post wedding photoshoot, or a couple photoshoot as part of the marriage celebrations, it is ideal in more ways than one.

We would suggest a photoshoot in two parts, if you wish to book this resort for your photoshoot. A morning session, ideally starting during the golden hour, just before sunrise, continuing for a couple of hours and stop by 9 or 930am.

Take a break then and relax as the morning shoot would have tired you. The second session may start by about 3 or 330pm and continue till about 7pm.

We usually suggest this schedule for those folks who seek our guidance.

As far as weddings and reception are concerned, Intercontinental has a compact banquet hall, but there is a large open space by the beach side suitable for a large gathering. If you have a larger flow of guests, the beach wedding would be an ideal choice.

In summary, Intercontinental Mahabalipuram, though it is at Tiruvidanthai village, just a few minutes from the famous temple of Nithyakalyana Perumal, is an ideal choice for your beach and destination wedding in Chennai.

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