Confluence resort wedding

One of the best weddings every happened in the Country, which was carefully executed in style by us "Marriage colours". For the first time we erected a 40 footer gopuram as entrance arch, Then we bought in the Tirupathi main mandapam for Muhurtham along with Dharbar style reception stage - Then we named it GODS and KINGS!!!

Our Challenge was to bring in new element in every thing we did, and we delivered in style. Right from Invitations to bride and groom send off! Every element was new and fresh - The VIP invitations were shot at the residence and loaded in a tablet and presented in nice glossy rosewood box, while the Gopuram looked real along with both reception and muhurtham (Both were erected in the evening itself). The Catering and buffet stalls were made to order with new designs to add both traditional and modern touch.

Fireworks!!!!! Out the world experience, perhaps if you could watch the montage, you get to know what we are talking about. The bride and groom entry was complimented with 100 percussion and dance performers along with massive Ariel and Niagara fire shows, when on stage pyrotechnics and walk way pyrotechnics were used during the bride and groom entry.

15000 - Yes it is the number was guest attended the reception while approximately 4000 guests attended the Muhurtham. Karthik (The famous super star singer) along with Swetha Mohan performed for the evening and The Mastereo of Tavil, Shri.Valayapatti performed a gig in the morning. Famous Shembanar kovil Mohandass (Kabaleeshwar Temple vidhvan) also was part of the morning ceremony. Suhki sivam had an electrifying time with the guests and the mic, and many celebrites and political leaders were present for the wedding. Both the bride and groom were give a royal rolls royce send off in a convy of Audis and BMW's.

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Let's plan something awesome, together!

Adyar, Chennai

TN, India