The Wedding Planning Checklist and Timelines

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The Wedding Planning Checklist and Timelines .

It depends on the type of wedding, ideally if you are planning for a destination wedding the lead time on an average is 8 to 12 months.

If its a regular wedding the lead time on an average is 4 to 6 months

However there are certain weddings happen within a months notice or over a 2 year period of planning.

Whatever the timeline is, what more important is the checklist for planning, below are the list of items to be checked.

Lets look at a comfortable case scenario of 8 to 12 month lead time, if you are running behind schedule, no problem just ensure you tick the boxes right.

8 to 12 Months Budget

It important to freeze a budget, always have a buffer of 30% to 40% variation (the variation will be much lesser if the lead time is lesser, its simply because the more the time you have for the wedding the more the inspirations and aspirations and it plays a crucial factor

Wedding planner

Its important to hire a planner once you fix the budget, they work as your second leg,also you do not want to miss out on their valuable expertise or experience in every step you take. Remember it could be the first wedding experience for you, against your wedding planner who has over 50 to 100 weddings, experience matters.


The best venues get booked first, always remember to give priority to this, The wedding venues on a busy date is like a hot selling limited edition sports bike, first mover advantage in business terms.


Why is it important? We have interacted with a lot of families who have come straight to the invitation house right after booking the venue, be it physical invites often takes a couple of weeks depending on the complexity and continent iterations.

Wedding theme

Now that the venue is booked and you are planning your invitations, its important to develop a theme so your wedding can fall in your line of theme, this is where you can involve your wedding planners, decor and designer and so on.

Decor & Designers

Weddings are very auspicious, certain weddings happen in certain time, the wedding professionals can service only a limited number of clients in a particular month or season, its important you meet a few and fix the right one.


One of the most important aspects of the wedding is the food, some venues have a catering, food n beverage as it will be finalized at the time of the fixing the venue, there are specialist and stand alone caterers must be given priority and booked well in advance.


As we all know wedding is a service, and you can service one at a time, if you want this particular photographer or a brand to capture your moments, you gotta be first in the queue, ensure you book them as soon as possible, most importantly have a contract signed with the post wedding deliverables, these are the only guys who work on your wedding even after your wedding is over.

Makeup artist

The options are plenty, but the right one for your skin? You definitely dont want to confirm one without a trial, and its important to fix one at the earliest so you could make use of her services during the acclimatization period.

Bridal & Jewellery

Some might have already decided on the outlook for gowns, lehengas and the jewellery you are going to wear. Today weddings trends are customisation, we dont always customize but when it comes to the wedding you will be doing a lot of customization, its good time to give some time for the artisans as these are very detail oriented works and will take a lot of time.

If you are after A listers or famous names you will need a good amount of time, again its important that the artists dont outshine the couple, also remember that its your big day and you the highlight of the ceremony. In our experience you can be a great artist, but your wedding needs a performer, a performer that pleases your guests and yourself, so if you are a fan of rock n roll, it doesnt make sense to have a rock band for your reception if your guests dont enjoy, its important who you select.

6 to 8 Months

You should have fixed most of your vendors with one round of discussion, this is the time to curate your menu, finish up your decor and themes, measurements for your attire,finalizing the jewellery, advance payments etc.

Wedding Website/Socials, etc

Time to move on to the second gear, start the wedding website for the ease of your guests, there are a lot of family members who might not know the bride or the groom, write about your story, and family associated so when you all meet during a sangeet or a cocktail dinner most of them will know the key family members.

Website and socials is more like a pre ice breaker, a great tool to increase the excitement among your friends, family and guests.

Guest list

Yes, this is one big activity and something that goes a long way into the planning, also it gets confusing if you are having multiple events and multiple invitees, there are a good number of wedding planning tools available that can help you organise.

Travel,Accommodation & Honeymoon.

Important that travel and accommodation are taken care of, the sooner you book the sooner you save the money ! you will also be eligible for some bulk deals.

Gifts & Favours

If the quantity is high or if you are planning for full customisation of gifts then you might require a higher lead time for procuring or making them.

2 to 6 Months

Make up trial
Menu Curation
Decor Moodboard finaliation
Wedding wardrobe trials
Jewellery purchases
Food Tasting

1 Month to Go!

If you have followed the above things you could have completed like 95% of your work. We suggest you to chill, spa and party your wedding month, celebrate it with your friends and family.
Have a cracking of a time.

D Day

On the final note, trust your wedding planners and vendors, let them do their magic curated for your day .

Guest hospitality and Travel Desk

Most of the guests can find a way to the venue in the time of uber or google maps, similarly most can take care of themselves during their stay or at the event .

The reason its provided is for the experience, its the experience for your guests right from the airport to the check in assistance in the Hotel, gestures can be as simple as holding an umbrella when its hot, carrying luggage or a trolley to having a desk at the hotel reception.

Similarly a little bit of welcoming and assistance during the event will add the experience, its always nice to have welcomed by a well groomed professional when you are at a 5 star hotel or a luxury cruise, so it is at your wedding too.

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